In our world of ever evolving design, leaps in technology, and style which you never thought possible, a very reasonable question to ask is; “What on earth could be next?!”.

The world’s response to this?

Designer. Radiators.

We’ve all seen the tired looking standard designs which fill up nearly every home in the country. They’re hardly noticeable, but about as interesting as being on hold to your energy provider.

Designer radiators change the game though, and today we have 10 of the most spine-tinglingly amazing heating shapes money can buy!

Hit the jump to see what we believe is the Crème de la Crème.

10 – Aestus Reflex

Aestus Reflex radiator

A marble marvel in the bathroom, sure to excite any interior enthusiast!

9 – Bisque Arteplano

Bisque Arteplano designer radiator

The flat faced beauty which is stylish and functional, available in both Brass (shown below) as well as Copper finishes!

8 – Vogue Baroque

Vogue Baroque radiator

The only classical entry in our list, the Vogue Baroque makes light work of the traditional bathroom. Not only does it look formidable and unavoidably stylish, but it is also a high heat-output designer radiator with the warmth to heat your bathroom and make your towels extra cosy.

7 – Aestus Ventaglio 

Aestus Ventaglio designer radiator

Another flat and simple design has eased its way into the DRS top 10, the Aestus Ventagli. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, and past customers have seen a beach, a Japanese garden, creamy confectionary and even interpreted post-modern beams of light and energy.

6 – Aeon Bamboo Corner

Aeon Bamboo Corner vertical designer radiator

Nobody puts Bamboo in a corner… Except for Aeon.

Aeon made a point of it, and boy are we glad. The Bamboo is stainless steel splendour! Fitting into any 90° corner, it will brighten up any room.

5 – Aeon Sesriem


This aluminium model from Aeon is perfect for the super contemporary, ultra-luxurious interiors of the modern home. If this doesn’t scream ‘stunning’ at you, we at DRS aren’t sure what could!

4 – Bisque Hot Hoop


The Hot Hoop is a work of art. Literally. It genuinely has been displayed in art galleries around the world and won awards for its ingenuity and clever design. DRS likey!

3 – Aeon Lokum

aeon lokum designer radiator

Lokum is the Turkish word for Turkish Delight. Aeon are a super high-end, visionary brand from Turkey, and this one is a firm favourite.

Each compartment represents how the Turkish Delight shops so satisfyingly pack their homeland treats into tidy boxes for your pleasure… and the Aeon Lokum certainly does make the hair stand up on our arms!

2 – Aestus Zeb 2


The Zeb 2 from Aestus is daringly efficient in both design and heat output. This design is actually very old, but this industrial spin on and old dog is exactly what contemporary living spaces need, which is why we’ve given it the number 2 spot.

1 – Aeon Ecstasy


Last, but most definitely not the least, out number 1 spot is awarded to the absolutely exemplary Aeon Ecstasy.

This radiator is not only completely over the top. It isn’t only daringly extravagant and priced exorbitantly… It redefines excess in the most exquisite, and artistic way.

Standing from floor to ceiling, the Aeon Ecstasy is quite possibly the most daring radiator design we have ever seen here at DRS.

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