Zehnder radiators are known in the industry as exceedingly high quality products, carefully crafted and lovingly finished; when you buy Zehnder there is not a single doubt that you have made the right choice.

Zehnder created the original column radiator style, and have been at the forefront of the designer radiator movement since the very beginning, which by rights makes them the godfather of the industry.

To celebrate their success, today DRS are showing off two truly exemplary Zehnder radiators, so don’t stop here, read on for more…


The Zehnder Bay is a stainless steel, flat panel designer radiator which is ever so contemporary and remarkably well made. Though its panels may be flat, the aesthetic quality you draw from looking at the Bay is one of cubism, straight edges and a neat and ordered lifestyle.

Available in both a vertical and a horizontal variation, the Zehnder Bay is flexible enough to warrant using it in almost any room in your home. Looking so sharp, it becomes a defining part of your interior design, and a huge feature to be proud of.

Like all stainless steel Zehnder radiators, the Bay is guaranteed for 10 years, and with thorough craftsmanship and high quality materials it will last likely 3 or 4 times longer than that! The gorgeous brush treated stainless steel finish is superb, and a huge part of what makes the Zehnder Bay so attractively modern.


Visually and practically one of the designs that you, the public, are most interested in is the Zehnder Roda Spa Asym. With its open ended, asymmetrical design, it facilitates effortless access for towels both large and small, and even bath matts or your favourite garments. No more trying to thread your towels through the awkward games on a boring old ladder rail, we’re much more civilised than that now.

The flat fronted, horizontal panels contrast terrifically with the two rounded, vertical collector tubes at the rear, giving it a simple, clean and minimal appearance. It is available from stock in White, along with a lovely textured dark grey named the Volcanic finish, and both Beige and Brown Quartz, giving you 4 brilliant options to choose from right from the get go.

But if you are feeling bold on any given day, that little bit daring and yearning for something unique, Zehnder radiators are available custom made in an enormous colour range replete with an entire special colour chart as well.

These two radiators along with the entire Zehnder product range are available at price-checked prices from DRS. Click here now to see the whole selection.

Designer radiators are superbly suited to enhance the visual aspects of any home, but they aren’t always the most ideal thing from a functional standpoint. To help improve their utility beyond the basic possibilities, varying brands manufacture specific accessories to augment the capabilities of their designer radiators, and push them from “Ohhh I love this”, to “I. NEED. THIS”.

Read on and find out what you might need today.


Designer radiators take on many shapes and come in many sizes. Some are more flexible in their designs, even incorporating certain functional aspects into their designs, i.e. their shape allows them to hold towels naturally, but others are gorgeous designs which despite their limited shapes have been granted greater accessibility through accessories for tea towels and the like.

The Bisque Classic is a lovely, homely radiator featuring traditional old-school styling, updated to suit both modern and period settings, and available in a wide selection of fantastic finishes. It is available in a variety of sizes, including options for height, width and even depth changes, making it aesthetically flexible and able to complement or enhance any interior décor.

By designing a towel rail specifically for this radiator, Bisque created elegance only achievable with the BisqueClassic Towel Radiator; there is nothing like it.

Most interestingly the rail is a modern counterpoint to the more traditional style of the radiator itself, and the two styles juxtaposing one another make for a delightful and popular twist. And as shown above, the rail can either be open ended (1st image) or closed off (2nd image), offering fantastic flexibility.


Modern and sophisticated, the Aestus Camba is a perfectly flat faced, but features a deep camber at the top and bottom of its design. This radiator is a feature ideally suited for the bathroom or the kitchen, but becomes perfect in those same spaces when you mount up to 3 of the specially designed towel rails onto it.

Each rail is well proportioned; they are thick, sturdy and every time you place a towel over one, straighten it out with a gentle tug, it fills you with a warm, thoroughly satisfying feeling inside.

The best accessories are always the ones which have had great time taken in them, and are tailored to one specific radiator. The days of buying a hang on rail for your wet washing are long gone, in this modern age we do things properly, we do things right first time, but most importantly… we do it in style.

When we buy a new vacuum cleaner, a new TV, stereo, games console and so on, we’re always conscious of the guarantee given with it (or at least you get pestered to buy the super annoying “3 years of cover for only £120 per year!”). Any way you slice it, guarantees are important to know about.

It’s only natural to want a little reassurance when making an investment of both your money and your valuable time into something, and down the line could need replacing as well should something go wrong. The guarantee means that your designer radiators are covered in the event of a leak, or if they don’t perform as well expected due to a manufacturing fault.

There’s nothing more reassuring that should anything be amiss with your designer radiators, you will receive a free of charge replacement model. What your radiator is made of will likely play a big part in your guarantee’s length, so read on to find out more.


Steel designer radiators are the standard for the designer radiator industry. They are easy to work with, and relatively cost effective to manufacture. Most painted radiators as well as chrome model are made from steel, and the industry standard for them is a guarantee of 5 years.

Be wary of unscrupulous retailers who are offering 10 years (or sometimes even more!) on steel designer radiators, the manufacturer won’t exist in a few years’ time, never mind 10 or 20 years. The absolute highest quality radiator producers throughout the world (Bisque, Eskimo, Zehnder, Arbonia, MHS etc), will only provide a 5 year guarantee on their good quality steel with carefully manufactured designs.


Similar to steel, aluminium is a great material for designer radiators to be made from, as it’s lightweight and convects thermal energy very efficiently. The most common warranty for aluminium products is 5 years, but it isn’t too uncommon to see 10 years being offered by the likes of Aeon, a luxury, high-end of the range brand.

Radiators like our own DRS Brescia are perfect examples of the efficiency of aluminium. Using only 1/10th of its design to hold water means that it is tremendously efficient, and looks simple but sleek at the same time.


The cream of the crop for radiator quality and guarantee length is stainless steel. By making an alloy of both steel and chrome, we create an opulent looking metal which in the right hands can be worked into amazing shapes, and will last for decades.

Stainless Steel is where the biggest swings in warranties come about. Most manufacturers offer 20-25 years for their stainless steel beauties (Aeon and Reina for example), but some brands like SBH offer exceptionally sturdy, full life-time guarantee on their designer radiators.


It may seem odd because of how susceptible iron is to deterioration, but our cast iron designer radiators from the amazing specialist Paladin are so carefully protected, sealed and finished that they can confidently offer a full 10 year guarantee on their products.

If you are something of a traditionalist, beautiful cast iron models like the Neo Georgian are perfect for your tastes, but works quite rebelliously in the contemporary home as well.


While sometimes it’s easy to sit back and relax once you have made your purchase, safe in knowing that your guarantee protects you, there is a degree of responsibility on your end to reasonably look after your heating system and your radiators.

The simplest one, and one which you should probably be doing already, is having your heating system serviced and cleansed with a corrosion inhibitor once per year. Chemical cleansing means that the water has been neutralised, and will gently pass through your system, greatly prolonging the lifespan of your designer radiators.

With the proper care, even steel designer radiators can last upwards of 20 years, so make your purchases wisely and you’ll only need to replace them once they’ve gone out of style, not when they’ve gone south.

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It is crucial to seek guidance from the manufacturer and a certified professional for the installation process to ensure safety and compliance with all technical specifications and requirements. Proper installation is key to the optimal performance and longevity of the product.

Additionally, professional installation may be necessary to maintain the product’s warranty. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult with experts and not attempt to install the product yourself unless you are qualified to do so.

A Turkish delight! The Aeon Lokum is inspired by and named after Turkey’s signature confectionary, and just like that sweet of many flavours, the Lokum can fit into just as many rooms and themes.

Lokum is the Turkish word for Turkish delight, and can be directly translated into ‘morsel’ or ‘mouthful’. You can see that Aeon has taken great care with each individual bite-sized section on this signature piece, and the finished effect looks like the powdered treat laid out in its box.

Join us today to find out how Aeon made this ‘comfort of the throat’ into a comfort for the eyes as well.


With any radiator, wouldn’t you love the ability to have it wall mounted or free standing? With the Aeon Lokum you can. It is exceedingly easy to place, as you can place it flat against your wall, or have it divide your room by standing proud from the wall and creating a dazzling effect, sure to make even the Jones’ jealous.

Your living space can be tricky to organise, but the stylish separation that the Lokum can offer is completely unique, and not offered by any other radiator manufacturer in the industry.


The Aeon Lokum is available in both polished and brushed stainless steel, making for two very different visual effects appropriate for rather different décor styles. This high quality stainless steel comes with a 20 year long guarantee, and is so carefully constructed that it will fit into your theme as neatly as the namesake sweet Turkish treat fits into its box.

Lots of designs will go over your head and be easily forgotten, but the unique stylisation which Aeon’s designers and engineers have put into the Lokum has resulted in a sculpted beauty which sticks in your mind, and in your guests.


This modular shape is available in 5 height options from the miniature 570mm all the way up to the floor-to-ceiling height of 2220mm, but only comes in the one width option of 400mm.

The high end price range of the Aeon Lokum might be a deterrent for most, but its intricate, segmented nature means that a lot of parts must be manufactured for it, and an expert engineer is required to construct and finish it by hand.

In the opinion of the team here at the Designer Radiator Showroom, the Aeon Lokum is one of the most unique designer pieces our industry has ever created. While it may have a high price range, it produces amazing heat output for a designer model which would typically sacrifice heat for a nicer design, and it does look exceedingly smart in a contemporary setting, giving you tremendous satisfaction in making a lifestyle purchase.

We at DRS love the Aeon Lokum, click here to see it today.

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