It dazzles, glimmers and shines in the sun, and moonlight dances across its shimmering surface by night. Chrome is the icing on the cake for any shape it takes; furnishings to complete a luxury bathroom, bright shining alloys to complement a sports car, the plating on a roaring low-rider motorcycle, and chrome radiators to brighten and enhance your home.

However, not all chrome is made equal and so it certainly pays to pay close attention when thinking about what type of radiator you are going to buy, and which brand that radiator comes from. Having to replace a dodgy Chrome radiator 2-3 years after purchasing it is going to cost you a lot more than paying a little bit more now for a quality radiator with a genuine guarantee.


Chrome’s magical sheen is only topped by its versatility in application, making it perfect for completely unique shapes, especially dramatic designer radiators. Truly chrome is the choice for dreamers, but sadly it’s also the choice for schemers…

The consequence of cheap Chrome might not be seen for a year or two after you’ve purchased it, but they can begin to deteriorate within 12 months depending on the environment they are in. In bathrooms where the air is humid every day, poor quality Chrome simply cannot stand up to the moisture, it starts to peel at the corners and welding points, rust sets in and it only gets worse from there.


The three most telling signs that a Chrome radiator might not be what is promised are the price, guarantee (the supposed quality) and heat output. Let’s delve into this further;


Chrome radiators cost a good deal of money to manufacture. If the radiator you are looking at is exceedingly cheap, especially for larger sizes, then this is a tell-tale sign that it is too good to be true. The aphorism goes; ‘you get what you pay for’, and this certainly applies to Chrome designer radiators


The absolute best quality manufacturers in our industry, for example the likes of Zehnder who have been manufacturing radiators since the early 1900s, even they only offer a 5 year guarantee of Chrome.

If you are seeing a 15 year manufacturer’s warranty being offered for a big Chrome radiator at £195, then chances are that within a few years the ‘manufacturer’ won’t exist anymore – no manufacturer, no warranty, no obligation for the company you bought it from to help


If we compare a steel radiator finished in Chrome versus one which has been painted, the Chrome version would provide between 20-30% LESS heat output. This is a big one, the radiator industry is plagued by misinformation regarding heat output from less reputable manufacturers – Naturally if they say that their radiators produce more heat and they cost less, then that’s a guaranteed buy, right? Wrong.

This is a bit trickier to spot as a customer, but if you are looking at a Chrome designer radiator and it’s heat output is drastically higher than a similar alternative (by more than say 10-15%), then take your medicine and consider the thought that the information for that radiator might just be smoke and mirrors

All of our designer radiators, including our brilliant range of Chrome models, are manufactured by well-established and reputable designer radiator brands. View our whole range.

We are thrilled to announce that the hottest designer radiators in our luxury showroom MUST GO to make way for our displays in 2018! Read on to find out about our MEGA SALE and how you could snatch up an exclusively made designer radiator for a fraction of the price.

We are kicking off 2018 with a bang by offering you the one-off chance to pick up a bargain (or two) like no other. In our showroom we have a huge selection of designer radiators; in fact we have more than 150 of them on show right here in Lancashire!

We make it our mission to keep our displays as up to date as possible, and in doing so sadly some of last year’s designs must eventually go.


To make way for our amazing new Eskimo range we are now selling off a fantastic selection of ex display designer radiators right here in our showroom. We can deliver them for you, but for the biggest bargain simply collect here from our Lancashire premises (that also gives you the chance to be amazed by the rest of our enormous range)!


Kermi Ideos

Kermi Heating Wall

Arbonia Karotherm

Arbonia Arbotherm

MHS Oval


MHS Decoral

MHS Multisec

Vasco Bryce

These names might not mean too much to you right now but feel free to join us here at DRS and acquaint yourself with some of them; you never know, you might make a new best friend. It’s much easier to get friendly with one of them now that they are at such amazing prices.

As an ever evolving business in an increasingly stimulating industry, if you take a liking to any of our more than 150 display radiators, we are excited to announce that we would happy to agree an ex display price and prepare the radiator ready for your collection. We love to keep things ever changing, so honestly please ask one of our helpful members of staff the next time you pop into the Designer Radiator Showroom.


Units G and H,

Grove Mill Industrial Estate,




We are available from 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday, and from 11am until 3pm on Saturdays so please feel free to visit, email (on or call us on 01257 452879

Today we’re looking at a delight for the bathroom from a luxury manufacturer; the Vogue Stendy. It’s the age old bout of Form vs Function, so read on today to find out more;


You might be reading this, nodding your head and thinking, quite rationally, that you would always choose something which works over something which looks the part.

Well, a lot of time we let ourselves fall prey to good marketing communication so it’s not quite that simple. We like shiny and fast and extravagant and irrational, it’s why we have cars which drive 3 times the national speed limit and trainers worth a fraction of what we pay for them.

Trying to even the playing field, the Vogue Stendy’s inoffensive shape might seem all about function, but its folding shape is so distinctly unique that the Stendy is most definitely trendy. Let’s dig deeper.


When you really boil down what your bathroom is about, what else is there but comfort and ease of use;

Comfort – You want your bathroom to be a cosy space, somewhere you can relax. The exact details differ from person to person, but the crux of a good bathroom is the ability to close your eyes and relax yourself in preparation for the day ahead (or the thermal journey before bed).

Ease of Use – The more steps you need to take each time you use your bathroom, the more of a chore it is, and one thing that really should be hard labour is having to stressfully jam your towel into your radiator’s tiny slots.

In the bathroom we should be striving for fewer steps with a more efficient design and ultimately a room you can easily unwind or prepare for your day in. The Vogue Stendy is a perfect way to make warming, storing and hanging your towels a pleasure each time.

With no word of exaggeration, it feels almost as if your butler is handing the towel to you (why your butler is in the bathroom with you we don’t know…).

While seeming like a pretty normal rail at first glance, the Stendy is able to fold out each of its sections individually to create multiple shelves as and when you need them. You can have the top half warm the towel you are about to use, while above or beneath that you can fold and store your others, making this a neat solution, removing the need for damp towels hanging on pegs or overlapping each other on a small rail.


We often have customers in the showroom who know they are redecorating a room, and they’ve got work going on, a wall has been taken down to make the bathroom twice as large, but they’re still unsure of how exactly they are going to decorate their new bathroom, and how it is going to be laid out.

Designer radiators like the Vogue Stendy are things of beauty able to capture our imagination, and customers can easily position exactly where they want their new radiator, how they’re going to leave the shower and be presented with their towel. Imagination is kick-started and the creative juices begin to flow.

The Stendy’s form is available a good selection of sizes, and two very distinct designs;

The Vogue Stendy, which features soft round curvature and cylindrical tubes throughout, giving it an easy on the eyes look. Available in 6 sizes from 889mm tall to 1747mm tall, and 512mm wide to 612mm.

The Vogue Stendy Quad, made with four distinct flat sides on each tube, devoid of any rounded angles, and superbly suited to lovers of a good straight edge. Available in 2 sizes; 905mm x 480mm, and 1305mm x 480mm.

Both versions are made from high quality steel and finishing in premium grade chrome in order to create a bright and dazzling effect. Priding themselves on the quality of the Stendy, Vogue provide each model with full 15 year guarantee, which is 10 years longer than industry standard for normal steel radiators.

If you are interested in any version of the Vogue Stendy you can purchase them here but if you have any questions at all then please feel free to contact us on 01257 452879 or


Designer radiators like the Zehnder Vitalo Spa are exclusive, highly sought after and only available for a short amount of time. Sadly, the Vitalo Spa is no longer being manufactured by Zehnder, however we do have just one last model available here at DRS.


The masterminds at Zehnder hold many principles close to their heart, though none so close as their respect and care for the art of design. They favour tasteful and classy shapes, the sorts of forms able to make you stop, think and appreciate what has gone into creating them.

The Zehnder Vitalo Spa is one such model, so simple and soft on the eyes, but yet your attention is drawn to it like a moth to flame. We have a single brand new Vitalo Spa here at the Designer Radiator Showroom, in its box and HEAVILY discounted.


Our one-time-only, exclusive offer for the Vitalo Spa slashes its price from £684.00 (RRP), down to an amazing special price of £399.00 including VAT. That’s a saving of £285 and more than 40% off!

At a well-proportioned 1200mm tall and 490mm, it is large enough to hold your towels with ease but not so big that it would look out of place. The shape is softly edged yet well defined, and the Matt White powder coated finish is striking enough to give this very flat form some real depth and presence.

The common trend we are seeing more and more with our clientele today is that they are eternally bored by the traditional towel rail, but also no longer wowed by the shapes which have been getting greater exposure and use over the last 5-15 years. They want new, they want inventive, extravagant, and what our customers want; our customers get.

The Vitalo reshapes and reimagines the form of heating in the home, and with this one time offer available now you won’t want to miss out on the perfect opportunity snatch up a bargain this good!

To purchase the Vitalo or any other radiator, you can either contact us on 01257 442911, email us at, or pop in to see us at our Lancashire Designer Radiator Showroom with more than 150 models on display!

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