Choosing the best designer radiator is no easy feat. After all, there is a plethora of options and designs to choose from vertical radiators to column radiators. Selecting the right one for your home could be quite a hassle. 

If you are looking for designer radiators for your living room, they should blend with your interior theme and look well placed in the heart of your home. Designer radiators are great means to create a style statement or for a focal point in the room. 

Here are 6 tried and tested tips to help you with the selection of best designer radiators whether they are vertical radiators or column radiators:

1. Go with your home/room décor

If your goal is to enhance the look of your living room with a designer radiator, selecting the right style and design is crucial. Survey different colors, shapes, and sizes of column and vertical radiators in the market and ensure that they go with the scheme of your living room. 

2. Select subtle designs

There is a large variety of designer radiators that boast a subtle but stylish look. These range from sleek minimalist horizontal paneled radiators to the classy traditional cast iron models with a wide range of other designs.

If your room scheme comes off as strong and bold, getting a subtle column radiator would do the trick. Avoid getting bold colours or designs of designer radiators that might sound too distracting!

3. Choosing the Material of radiator

While selecting the best designer radiators, both style and material should complement each other according to the size room. The material of the heating appliance also plays an important role in the buying decision. 

For larger spaces, aluminium radiators are not suitable as they heat up and cool down quickly. This makes them less suitable. They are ideal for providing quick bursts of heat in the smaller rooms. For larger reception places and living rooms, the best choice is getting a cast iron radiator as it heats up and cools down slowly. 

4. Look at its BTU

The heat output of radiators, designer or otherwise are calculated in terms of British Thermal Units per Hour. BTU tells you how much energy the radiator will put out. So, it is best to check the BTU of your living room and you could that online or through an app as well. 

Compare the required BTU with that of the designer radiators you are thinking to get.

5. The positioning

You can place your new radiator anywhere you want unless you are simply replacing an existing column radiator. The location plays an important role in the heating of your living room. The right or wrong location could significantly impact the energy efficiency in your home. 

Speaking of locations, there are good reasons as to why designer radiators are usually placed underneath a window. This position is for boosting the convection heating, the cold air from the window lifts and pushes the hot air from the radiator under the window into the room which boosts the heating efficiency while lessening the impact of cold air. 

6. Bold statement pieces

Apart from serving the purpose of heating your home, designer radiators are a great way to make bold statements in your home. You could add a wow factor to your living room by going with options from visually striking designer radiators which give the impression of a sculpture or contemporary work of art. Polished and aluminium designer radiators have some of the most classy designs that can enhance the look of your living room. 

For further help regarding radiators of every description, designer radiator showroom is an e-commerce website that has an amazing variety of designer radiators. 

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