Uncover the Benefits of Anthracite Radiators

For anyone looking to modernise their home, one aspect you might not take into account is the heating systems you use.

Today, radiators are a big part of not only the function of our homes, but the design of our rooms. With the help of a quality radiator, you can soon change up how an entire room looks. However, one of the most popular kinds of radiator at the moment might take you by surprise.

Did you know that anthracite radiators are the common go-to choice for a lot of people today?

Radiators such as the Aestus Aries Mirror radiators have become increasingly common for people to use. There are numerous benefits for this, not least down to the rich and endearing aesthetics of the average anthracite radiator. Let’s look at why you might benefit from installing this kind of radiator either at home or in your workplace.

What, then, are the main benefits of turning to this particular radiator style? How could you benefit from having one installed? And what models should you look out for when you are shopping around for your anthracite radiators?

What are Anthracite Radiators?

Anthracite radiators are made from anthracite coal, which is a type of hard, compact coal that contains a high carbon content and little volatile matter. Anthracite has been used as a heating fuel for centuries, but more recently it has been utilized in the production of heating radiators.

The anthracite is moulded into panel radiators that are slim and lightweight yet durable. The exterior of an anthracite radiator has a smooth, grey finish which allows it to blend in discreetly with any colour scheme. Anthracite radiators heat up quickly and retain heat efficiently while remaining cool to the touch on the exterior surface.

Anthracite Radiators Grey Anthracite Designer Radiator

Benefits of Anthracite Radiators , Energy Efficient and Value

One of the key benefits Uncover the Benefits and Flexibility of Anthracite Radiators is their energy efficiency. The carbon content of the anthracite enables the radiators to retain heat extremely well compared to other materials like aluminium or steel.

This means they can heat up a room using less energy than a conventional radiator.

Over the course of a winter, an anthracite radiator can lead to significant savings on your energy bills. Their efficiency makes them an eco-friendly choice compared to radiators made from other materials.

Durable and Long Lasting

Anthracite is an extremely hardy material that can withstand many years of continuous use without showing signs of wear and tear. The solid anthracite panels are resistant to damage – they won’t rust, peel or corrode over time like some metal radiators can.

With proper maintenance, an anthracite radiator can realistically last for decades in your home. Their durable nature makes them a reliable investment that will provide warmth in your rooms for many winters to come.

Quick to Heat Up

One of the common complaints about radiators is that they can take a while to heat up a room effectively. Anthracite radiators address this problem with their rapid heating capabilities.

Thanks to the thermal conductivity of anthracite, these radiators will start warming your room much faster than traditional designs.

Within 30 minutes of turning on an anthracite radiator, you can expect to feel a significant increase in temperature. The quick-heating function means you won’t have to wait around shivering for the warmth to kick in!

Cool Exterior

Safety is an important factor when installing any household heating system. Conventional radiators can get extremely hot to the touch which poses a burn risk, especially for children or pets.

Anthracite radiators stay uniformly cool on their exterior surface even when running at maximum heat output. This makes them much safer to have in homes with kids and pets. You don’t have to worry about accidental burns from innocent touches.

Anthracite Radiators Stylish in Design

Unlike bulky metal radiators, anthracite radiators have a thin profile and elegant, contemporary design. Their sleek grey finish allows them to fit discreetly into modern decors and colour schemes.

Anthracite radiators are available in a range of styles from vertical flat panel to curved corner models. Their aesthetic appeal makes them an attractive design feature that enhances a room rather than detracting from it.

Quiet Operation

There are no moving parts involved in an anthracite radiator’s operation. This means they heat your rooms silently without any of the noise disturbances caused by metallic clicking and clanking.

The silent running allows an anthracite radiator to provide discreet background heating without interfering with conversation, TV or sleep. You don’t have to crank up the volume to hear over radiator noise.

Minimal Maintenance

Once installed, anthracite radiators require very little ongoing maintenance to keep them running optimally. Their durable solid build means no internal parts or fluids that require servicing. Just an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth is all that’s needed to remove dust and keep them looking good.

You won’t have to deal with any of the tricky bleeding, pressure adjustment or leakage issues associated with water-filled radiators. Anthracite radiators just run reliably with minimal upkeep required.

How Do Anthracite Radiators Work?

The physical properties of anthracite coal allow it to rapidly absorb and retain heat energy. An anthracite radiator is built with narrow internal chambers and passages that maximize surface area.

When connected to a central heating system, hot water or electric current passes through these chambers and heats up the anthracite. The anthracite absorbs the heat efficiently and holds it within its dense structure.

Heat energy is then radiated steadily and uniformly back out into the room by the anthracite over time. This radiant heating effect allows the anthracite radiator to warm up a room using less energy than convection heating.

Considerations When Choosing Anthracite Radiators

  • Heat output – Consider the heating capacity recommended for the size of the room when selecting an anthracite radiator. Models come in heat outputs ranging from 300W up to 1800W.
  • Electric or hydronic – Anthracite radiators are available in electric or hydronic (heated via hot water) versions. Choose electric for easier installs or hydronic if you have an existing boiler system.
  • Placement – Remember to place the radiator near a cold air source like external walls or windows to counteract heat loss and create a convection current.
  • Thermostatic control – opt for a model with built-in thermostatic control so you can set the desired room temperature.
  • Dimensions – Check dimensions – some anthracite radiators come in custom extended lengths to suit larger spaces.
  • Style – Choose from vertical flat panel, curved, corner or niche models depending on decors and space.

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