When designing their central heating systems, lots of homeowners don’t know what to do about heating their bathrooms. This room can get just as cold as all of the others during the winter months and with no carpet underfoot, it’s important to ensure you have suitable heating solutions installed. Thankfully, a towel radiator could be the answer to all of your problems and this is a brilliant alternative to a traditional radiator for your bathroom. 

Here at Designer Radiator Showroom, we supply a vast range of radiators that are perfect for family bathrooms, en-suites and wet rooms alike, and they are all designed with aesthetics in mind. Our towel radiators are from some of the best radiator manufacturers and all of the brands we stock were chosen for their contemporary designs. If you’re trying to find a heating solution for your bathroom, it’s always beneficial to install a towel radiator for a number of reasons.

Keep your Towels and Bathroom Warm 

Towel radiators, also commonly referred to as heated towel rails, are predominantly designed to keep your towels warm. Having warm towels to use after your showers or baths is always beneficial, especially during the colder winter months. Once you’re finished with your bathroom towels, you can hang them back on the radiator to dry completely before using them again too and they will dry much quicker with the help of a radiator. 

Whilst keeping your towels warm, this type of bathroom radiator will also keep the rest of the space warm. Towel radiators are very heat efficient and they will have a big impact on the temperature in your bathroom. Whether you install a central heating radiator, dual fuel radiator or electric radiator in your bathroom, it will be easy to keep your bathroom at a comfortable temperature all year round. When your bathroom is warm, you won’t have to worry as much about things like damp and mould too, which is an added benefit of towel radiators. 

Have More Floor Space 

The vast majority of towel radiators are wall-mounted vertical radiators and they won’t take up any floor space in your bathroom. They are often much smaller than traditional radiators too and it is easy to find wall space for this type of radiator. Having more floor space in your bathroom is always useful and it will give you more layout options to explore. Your bathroom will often look much bigger when it doesn’t have a bulky radiator taking up space too. 

Make a Design Statement in your Bathroom 

There is such a huge range of radiator designs to choose from and no matter what colour scheme or style you’ve chosen for your bathroom, there will be several towel radiators available that will work perfectly in the space. In addition to classic ladder-style towel radiators, there are so many unique designs available these days and if you want to make a design statement, there are several radiators that look more like wall art. 

Convenient Place to put Clothes 

When you have a towel radiator in your bathroom, you will have somewhere to hang your clothes whilst you’re showering and you won’t need additional storage solutions in this room. It isn’t uncommon for people to use their towel radiators as clothes dryers too and they are very useful in the colder months. You can put clothes and bed linen on your towel radiator to dry, and it will prevent you from having to use a tumble dryer as frequently. 

Searching for an Online Radiator Shop?

There are so many advantages to having a towel radiator in your bathroom and if you’re trying to find an elegant design that will work well in your space, explore our online radiator shop today. We pride ourselves on our vast selection of luxury radiators at Designer Radiator Showroom and with central heating, dual fuel and electric towel radiators to choose from, we have a solution for absolutely everyone. 

Unlike other online radiator shops, we only supply products from trusted brands and all of the towel radiators on our website are of the highest quality. Our team is always happy to help when you’re ordering new radiators too and our extensive product knowledge puts us in the best position to help you choose the right radiator for your needs. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you have any questions about towel radiators.

Traditionally, horizontal radiators were the only choice available for people looking for ways to heat the rooms in their homes. However, the designer radiator market offers a vast selection of contemporary solutions that aren’t just energy-efficient, but are also aesthetically pleasing. Nowadays, vertical radiators are an incredibly popular choice among homeowners and they’re an excellent choice for any modern home. 

As the name suggests, vertical radiators are designed to be installed vertically on a wall and there is a huge selection of vertical radiators to choose from. Whether you’re replacing the radiator in your kitchen, bathroom, living room or bedroom, it’s worthwhile looking into vertical column radiators in more detail. 

Below we have explored some of the many reasons why this type of radiator is frequently seen in homes up and down the country. 

Space-Saving Solution

When renovating their homes, people used to have to think long and hard about where they were going to install their radiators. Horizontal radiators took up a lot of space and finding a free wall to install this type of radiator on isn’t always easy. Vertical radiators are a great option if you’re worried about wall space and you won’t require a big surface area when installing them. 

It is easier to incorporate a tall radiator into your interior design and you can make better use of the horizontal space a conventional radiator would usually take up. Many homeowners worry about blocking their radiators with furniture as this can prevent them from warming up their rooms as efficiently, but you won’t be restricted when you opt for a vertical radiator. It won’t be as difficult to find space for this type of radiator and it won’t restrict your room layouts. 

Range of Designs

Vertical radiators have an elegant feel and they are a sleek solution for the modern home. From classic flat panel vertical radiators to unique wave and link vertical radiators, there is such a vast selection of designs on the market nowadays too. You can even purchase mirrored vertical radiators and there are hundreds of shapes and sizes to choose from. 

This modern alternative to horizontal radiator designs is available in a wide range of colours and materials too and whether you’re looking for a brushed stainless steel design or a polished chrome design, you won’t struggle to find a radiator that meets your needs. It is incredibly easy to ensure that the radiator you purchase perfectly complements your interior design, regardless of what your style preferences may be. 

Make a Design Statement 

For years, homeowners would use radiator covers to make their horizontal radiators more visually appealing and they would prefer to keep their radiators out of sight. However, this isn’t the case with contemporary vertical radiators. You definitely won’t need to cover them and they can make a design statement for all of the right reasons. 

Lots of people use vertical radiators to create a focal point in their room and some designs are more like pieces of art than heat outputs these days. A luxurious radiator can help you to make a design statement in your home and once installed, it will catch the eye of any visitors. Heating your rooms is no longer dull and boring, and there are so many unique vertical radiators on the market that double as stylish wall decor. 

Looking for Vertical Radiators in the UK?

It’s easy to see why vertical radiators are such a popular choice these days and if you’re interested in installing new radiators throughout your home, explore the rest of our website today. Here at the Designer Radiator Showroom, we stock a stylish collection of vertical radiators from high-quality brands and no matter where in your home you’re going to install your new designer radiators, we will have the perfect solution for you. 

Not only are we known for supplying innovative and unique vertical designer radiators, at the Designer Radiator Showroom, but we are also known for our customer service. Our experienced team is always on hand to answer any questions you may have about the radiators on our website and we can provide you with any expert advice or guidance you may need. 

If you need new radiators in a hurry, we can even provide you with a range of next-day delivery options and we will do all we can to help you keep your project on track.

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