When replacing the radiators throughout your home, it can be difficult to choose between the range of brands on the market. At Designer Radiator Showroom, we stock radiators from several leading specialists and we have the ideal solution for every room in your home. One brand that’s very popular amongst our customers is Paladin. When you’re searching for a brand that combines tradition with innovation to create quality radiators, Paladin is always a great choice and their cast iron radiators are like no others on the market.

All Paladin radiators are hand-built and finished in their UK factory based in Lincolnshire, and you can trust that they are tested to the highest standard. Whether you’re searching for a new radiator for your living room, bedroom or kitchen, Paladin will have the perfect solution for you and there is a variety of designs to choose from. 

To help you narrow down the Paladin radiators on our website, below we have looked into some of the most popular designs for modern homes in more detail. 

Paladin Victoriana

When you’re looking for a simplistic radiator, the Paladin Victoriana is an excellent choice. Whether you opt for the smaller three-column design or the larger four-column design, this style of radiator will work perfectly in any modern home. With several different Paladin colours and Farrow & Ball colours to choose from, not to mention a selection of specialised paint effects and hand-polished finishes, you won’t struggle to create a design that complements your interior. 

Paladin Shaftsbury

The exquisite ornate detail in the Paladin Shaftsbury is what this brand is known for and the cast iron design will catch the eye of any visitors. This design originates from the Victorian era, yet it still works perfectly in contemporary homes. The swirls and waves throughout the design are beautifully elegant, and they turn the radiator into a design feature. 

Paladin Churchill

A compact, yet timeless choice is the Paladin Churchill and this radiator will fit conveniently into any room in your home. It’s the ideal choice to add a touch of vintage charm to your interior design and it would complement any modern style. Although this radiator is one of the smallest in the Paladin collection, it is very heat efficient and it will still keep your home warm. 

Paladin Saint Paul

Paladin cast iron radiators are known for their intricate designs and the Paladin Saint Paul doesn’t disappoint. This unique radiator features cherubs, dragons and lions intertwined with vines, and it is the perfect feature piece for any minimalist interior. The Paladin Saint Paul is a clear example of the skilled craftsmanship used to create these visually appealing radiators and you would never want to cover your Paladin radiator with a radiator cover. 

Paladin Bartholomew

An old hospital radiator might have inspired the Paladin Bartholomew, but this radiator will work perfectly in any contemporary home. This is an incredibly versatile choice and its clean, smooth lines make it effortlessly stylish. The simplicity of this Paladin radiator won’t take away from your interior design and it will work well alongside various bold design features. 

Paladin Piccadilly

Another decorative choice is the Paladin Piccadilly and its Celtic ribbons make it stand out from the other cast iron designs. If you’re looking for a radiator that won’t simply blend into the background, this is the perfect design and the Paladin Piccadilly will look stunning once installed. To elevate the design even more, explore the antiqued paint options available.

Ordering Paladin Radiators for your Home 

Now you know a little bit more about some of the most popular Paladin cast iron radiators we supply at Designer Radiator Showroom, hopefully, you will find it easier to choose the perfect product for your home. If you have any questions about this UK brand and you’d like to find out more about their range of traditional cast iron radiators, feel free to contact us. Our team at Designer Radiator Showroom can help you to find the best Paladin radiators.

We have a variety of Paladin cast iron radiators on display in our Eccleston showroom if you would like to view some of the different designs in person too. When you visit our showroom, we will happily show you the different colours and finishes available too, helping you to choose the perfect combination for your modern home.

When moving into a new property, lots of people will decide to carry out home improvements. From painting the walls to renovating the bathroom, there are several ways you can turn your new house into a home. Whilst upgrading your new property, it’s undeniably worth considering replacing the old radiators too, especially if they were installed decades ago. It isn’t uncommon for radiator maintenance to frequently be overlooked and there’s a high chance that new radiators will be a worthy investment. 

If you’re contemplating replacing the old radiators in your new home and you’re wondering whether it’s really worth doing, below we have looked into some of the biggest benefits of investing in modern radiators

Reduce your Energy Bills 

Due to advances in technology, modern radiators are much more efficient than older models and if you want to get the most out of your central heating system, you should install high-performance radiators. Focusing on the BTU when purchasing new radiators will help you to ensure you’re purchasing radiators that will heat your rooms quickly. You might not need to have them on as long and, in turn, you can reduce your energy consumption. Now more than ever, reducing your energy bills is hugely beneficial and modern radiators can help you do so. 

Improve Reliability 

Traditional radiators can be quite temperamental and often, the older they get, the more maintenance they require to keep them operating as they should. Unreliable heating is the last thing you want during the colder months and replacing your radiators is the best way to ensure your home is kept warm this winter. You can have peace of mind when you install modern radiators knowing they won’t let you down when you need them and you will have great control over the temperature throughout your home. 

Change your Room Layout 

The vast majority of old radiators are bulky horizontal radiators and they can take up a lot of wall space. They can also restrict where you put your furniture and if you want to change the layout of your room to something more convenient, you should consider upgrading to space-saving vertical and horizontal designs that are a better fit for your space. Contemporary radiators come in a range of sizes and shapes, and it is easier to find a solution that enables you to rearrange your furniture to make the room flow better. 

Improve your Interior Design 

Most standard radiators look the same and they are often boring and unappealing. Arguably, one of the biggest benefits of replacing old radiators is that there is such a huge range of decorative radiators to choose from. You can install modern designer radiators that help to elevate your interior design and if you want to make a statement, there will be several unique designs available. Even if you’re looking for something minimalist, classic and elegant, you can simply install new white designer radiators. 

Combine Form with Function

Nowadays, radiators can do more than just heat your room, they can combine form with function in very interesting ways. For example, you can purchase mirrored radiators that prevent you from having to find wall space for both a radiator and a mirror. These radiators are ideal for every room in the home, from hallways and living rooms to bedrooms and bathrooms, and they are both a stylish and practical choice. You can even purchase bench radiators, like the DQ Bench, that feature an integrated bench seat and double up as a convenient place to sit in your porch or conservatory. With such a vast range of designer radiators to choose from, you won’t struggle to find a multi-functional solution for your home. 

Purchasing Modern Radiators in the UK 

Ultimately, if you’re considering replacing the old radiators in your new home, it’s almost always worthwhile doing so. Here at the Designer Radiator Showroom, we supply a vast collection of designer radiators and we have the perfect solution for everyone on our website. Our expert team is on hand to help you choose which modern radiators will best suit your home and your needs, and we have extensive knowledge of each and every model we supply. 

You can turn to us in confidence for modern radiators in the UK knowing that we only supply the highest quality horizontal and vertical designer radiators, and all of the brands we stock are well-known for their pioneering products. If you have any questions about the radiators on our website, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today. 

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