Radiators are an integral part of your central heating system and they help to keep your home warm no matter what the weather is like outside. Traditionally, radiators were all very similar in appearance and bulky, white, horizontal radiators are a common sight in homes throughout the UK. These standard radiators will do their job and heat your living space, but they’re not very aesthetically pleasing and they might not fit in with your interior design. 

Thankfully, modern radiators are designed to not just have impressive heat output but to be more visually appealing. There’s a diverse range of designer radiators on the market that can make a design statement in your home and catch your eye for all of the right reasons. If you’re bored of your traditional radiators and you’re looking for something more unusual and unique, below are some contemporary radiators that can enhance your interior design.  

Aeon Grandeur

For draughty hallways and entrance rooms, the Aeon Grandeur is the perfect, eye-catching modern radiator. With large scrolled arms, this radiator will bring the beauty of the Renaissance period into your home. At first glance, this radiator looks more like a sculpture than a heat source and it’s an effortlessly elegant choice for any home. 

Eskimo Outline Cliff 

No matter what your chosen interior style may be, the Eskimo Outline Cliff will complement your decor. This vertical designer radiator looks like a contemporary piece of art and it’s a beautifully simplistic radiator for any room in the home. Available in a selection of stunning colours and finishes, this radiator can elevate your interior design.  

Carisa Rhombus 

Another alternative to a contemporary piece of wall art is the Carisa Rhombus. This modern designer radiator has a beautiful texture and it looks very luxurious. Not only does this aluminium radiator have high heat output, but it won’t look out of place in a minimalist interior. The Carisa Rhombus can add some visual interest to your home. 

Aeon Planet Moon

As the name suggests, the Aeon Planet Moon has a cosmically inspired design and this trendy radiator is like nothing you will have seen before. The Aeon Planet Moon will become a talking point in any space and its eye-striking, theatrical design makes it one of a kind. Since it’s a dark silver colour, it will perfectly complement a range of interior colour schemes too. 

Eskimo Outline Gong

For minimalist interior designs, the Eskimo Outline Gong is a sophisticated choice. This horizontal designer radiator is the quintessence of clean lines and it won’t look out of place in your sleek interior. With a selection of stunning finishes to choose from, you can choose a design that complements your simplistic style. 

Carisa Link

The Carisa Link looks more like an ornament or sculpture than a radiator and it’s a unique solution for any modern home. With large interconnected links, this stainless steel radiator will catch the eye of visitors and it’s a great focal point for any room. The Carisa Link is a space-saving choice as well and it has a bold, yet compact design. 

Terma Ribbon

When searching for a modern radiator that can be installed under large windows, the Terma Ribbon is a statement choice. This radiator has an industrial feel and its coiled plates that wrap around the central steel columns make it very unique. The Terma Ribbon is sure to create an impact in any room, regardless of where it’s installed. 

Aeon Madonna

This designer radiator is as iconic as Madonna herself and it will become a talking point for guests. The Aeon Madonna is very distinctive and its quirky spiral design isn’t anything like a standard horizontal radiator. If you want to make a real design statement in your home, the Aeon Madonna can help you do so whilst adding fun and warmth to your space.

Eskimo Outline Woody 

As homeowners start to use more natural elements throughout their homes, the Eskimo Outline Woody is a perfect choice for living rooms and kitchens. This trendy designer radiator has a gorgeous wood fascia and it’s beautifully simplistic. Whether you have a modern or traditional interior, the Eskimo Outline Woody will be a great addition to your home. 

Aeon Tirendaz

The Aeon Tirendaz is a high-quality radiator and a stunning piece of art, and it offers a stylized take on mosaic patterns from the Turkish Ottoman Empire. This modern radiator is very aesthetically pleasing with its symmetrical curves and it will look stunning on the wall in your home. The Aeon Tirendaz will become a focal point in your interior design. 

Looking for Trendy Designer Radiators?

If you’re bored of your traditional, white radiators and you’re interested in replacing them with something more unique, hopefully the trendy designer radiators mentioned above will have given you some inspiration. There is such a huge range of unusual radiator designs on the market now and there is a solution for every room in every home. 

Whatever you have in mind for your new modern radiators, be sure to explore the Designer Radiator Showroom website. We stock a variety of radiators that will make a design statement in your home and we pride ourselves on providing homeowners with high-quality designer radiators at the best possible prices. If you need some expert advice and guidance to help you find the perfect radiators for your home, our team will be happy to help. Feel free to visit our showroom and we can discuss your radiator needs with you in more detail. 

When replacing the radiators throughout their home, lots of people will question whether they should be installing new radiators on the walls under their windows. Many worry about warm air escaping through their windows rather than heating their rooms and reducing the efficiency of their central heating system. However, radiators have been placed below windows for many years now and this is a very common sight in both older and newer homes. 

Deciding where to install new radiators if they’re not going to be underneath your windows isn’t easy either and there are several factors to consider to ensure that your home will be properly heated. With careful planning and consideration, you can ensure that your radiators are installed in a convenient place and your home is kept warm all year round. Below we have explored the placement of radiators in more detail. 

Why are Radiators Usually Seen Under Windows?

Traditionally, homes were built with single-glazed windows and cold air would often come in through these windows. For this reason, radiators were installed underneath windows in an attempt to counteract the cold draughts. The heat produced by the radiator creates a warm blanket of air over the window too, helping to prevent common problems with condensation. 

Cold air coming in through the windows can also help to spread warm air around your room, making it a more comfortable temperature. For many years, the wall space under a window was considered to be the best place to install radiators and traditional, horizontal radiators were designed to fit perfectly beneath the window frame. 

Should you Place Your Radiators Under Windows?

It’s often recommended that you install your radiators in the coldest part of the room and in older properties with single-glazing, this still tends to be below the windows. However, if you have double-glazing or even triple-glazing, you don’t necessarily need to have your radiators installed here. You may find that you have colder spots in other parts of the room that would benefit from having your radiators installed nearby. 

If you have long, thick curtains then you may want to avoid placing radiators underneath your windows too. The curtains can block the heat and prevent it from circulating around the room. This can result in energy wastage and higher energy bills. It’s much less common to see standard radiators under windows in modern, new-build homes. 

What is the Best Location for Radiators?

The placement of radiators is much more flexible nowadays and when you have energy-efficient windows, you can decide where you’d like your radiators to be installed. A couple of key things to consider when choosing the best location for your radiators are; available wall space and the placement of your furniture in the room. 

Some homeowners will still place their radiators under their windows to prevent this wall space from being wasted. It also enables them to make better use of the rest of the wall space in their home. Keeping the radiators out of the way below the windows means you won’t be restricted when deciding where to put key pieces of furniture like sofas, beds and wardrobes. 

It’s important to ensure you’re not covering your radiators with pieces of furniture too as this can block the flow of heat and prevent your radiators from being as effective. So, when choosing where to install new radiators, take some time to consider the best layout for your room and decide on the right location for your bigger pieces of furniture first. 

Of course, what works well in one room won’t necessarily be what’s best for another room. For example, you may want to keep your radiator underneath your window in your bedroom so that you can fit the rest of your furniture in the space. However, you may decide to move the radiator into a colder corner of the room in your living room and use the space beneath your window for an additional storage solution, like an ottoman window seat. 

Thankfully, due to the wide variety of contemporary radiators on the market, it’s easier than ever before to find a design that will fit perfectly in your home. With a huge range of both horizontal and vertical radiators to choose from, you can find a designer wall radiator that perfectly fits your intended space. Regardless of how big or small a room may be, there will always be a radiator design on the market that’s suitable for your wall space. 

Ordering New Designer Wall Radiators Online 

Hopefully, you will now know a little bit more about why you often see traditional radiators installed under windows and you will find it easier to decide where to place the radiators in your home. If you would like to replace your standard radiators with something more modern, we can help you with this at Designer Radiator Showroom. Whenever you’re searching for UK designer radiators, our website is the place to be. 

We stock a huge range of designer radiators that are designed to not just efficiently heat modern homes, but to be visually appealing whilst doing so. Our designer wall radiators can be installed in a variety of locations throughout your home and with impressive heat outputs, they will help to keep your rooms warm and cosy. If you have some questions about any of the modern designer radiators on our website, don’t hesitate to contact us. Our expert team will be able to provide you with the additional information you require. 

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