Do you have a smaller bathroom, an en-suite or cloakroom that you think might not be big enough for a towel rail? Think again. Good things come in small packages, and towel rails are not the exception. If you want to achieve spa-like luxury and luxuriate in the feeling of a warm toasty towel as you step out of your bath or shower, we have curated a selection of our best towel rails that make clever use of the space you have available.

Perhaps you want to install a larger towel rail with a unique design to create a focal point in your bathroom, we have interesting and modern designs that will wow in any bathroom. Installing a vertical towel rail that saves space on width but maximises heat for bathrooms with a lower amount of wall space is another great option. Ladder rail designs are perfect for bathrooms used by multiple people, as the clever rung design allows for drying of multiple towels at once. Wall-mounted towel rails are also an ideal option for smaller bathrooms, as they do not encroach on valuable wall space. Sleek, horizontal towel bars are perfect for installing above baths and above units where wall space is at a premium.

Our selection below is just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to towel rails, we have hundreds of designs available on Designer Radiator Showroom. As always, the first step to selecting your towel rail is to work out how much heat you will need in your bathroom. Use our handy BTU calculator to find your BTU estimate. Remember, always aim for a BTU towards the upper estimate, this will ensure your towel rail has enough heat for its purpose and surroundings.

If you already have a radiator installed in your bathroom and are just looking for an extra heat source for your towels, meeting the BTU needed is not needed, as your new towel rail will simply enhance the heat already generated by your existing radiator.

Check out our favourite space-saving towel rails below:

DQ Austen

The stunning brushed brass finish of this towel rail would complement traditional and modern bathroom designs. Available in 3 different widths and multiple heights, including a space-saving 300mm, this radiator is perfect for busier bathrooms as its sleek rungs allow for multiple towels to be dried at the same. We love the different size options available for this gorgeous towel rail.

Terma Incorner

The ingenious corner design of Terma Incorner provides a stunning focal point in any bathroom whilst saving valuable space. Position above countertops on your wall to free up much needed space and revel in the warmth of your toasty towels. We love the inter-locking bar design.

Reina Alento

Available in three different heights, this clever towel rail has an added heated storage shelf on the top for even more towel storage. With the Reina Alento you will be able to store clean folded towels on top and still have lots of space to dry your towels underneath. This towel rail is wall-mounted, and can be positioned higher up your wall so units and furniture will still fit underneath.

Vogue Simplicity

Perhaps the sleekest of towel rails on the market, this single pole design features hooks for drying towels and keeping dressing gowns warm and adding a quiet, understated luxury to your bathroom. Best used in conjunction with a radiator in your bathroom, this slimline towel rail will give you warm, toasty towels daily.

Carisa Etage

Another clever, shelf design! This petite towel rail is perfect for installing on walls above existing furniture. The shelf function is perfect for storing fresh towels in busy bathrooms without sacrificing space.

Terma Warp S

Terma Warp S features large flat bars which sweep forward and then bend backwards on themselves to create a towel rail which is mounted to the wall on one side, leaving the other open-ended for towels to be slipped on. The smallest size is only 655mm x 500mm, and is ideal for saving space in your busy bathroom. This radiator is available in several gorgeous finishes, perfect for creating an impact in smaller spaces.

Carisa Redox

The horizontal design of this towel rail is perfect for installing above baths, allowing easy access to your towels without taking up a huge amount of wall space and leaving your floor entirely free. We love the sleek curves and straight lines of this modern, architectural design.

When browsing the market for new radiators, you will notice that some are more cost and energy efficient than others. Several factors will impact a radiator’s performance and understandably, you will want to ensure you’re installing the most efficient solutions throughout your home to reduce your energy consumption and energy bills. 

It’s key to note that even if you purchase double-panel, high output radiators with impressive performance, they can deteriorate over time. Fortunately, there are some things you can do to improve radiator performance and keep your central heating system performing at its best. If you’ve noticed a difference in your radiators recently and you’re wondering what you can do it increase their efficiency, try the following; 

Keep your Radiators Clean 

You shouldn’t overlook your radiators when you’re cleaning your home. Keeping your radiators dust-free can help to improve their overall performance and if you’re not sure how to clean your radiator, take a look at our blog which breaks this job down into easy-to-follow steps. When dust and other debris get trapped between the fins (the metal that zig-zags between the radiator panels) it can prevent the heat from escaping into your room, making it harder to keep it warm. 

Remove your Radiator Covers

People often use radiator covers to improve the appearance of their radiators, however, they can negatively impact performance. Radiator covers are designed to enclose your radiator and they can block heat from circulating freely and warming up your rooms. Simply removing your radiator covers will make it much easier for heat to escape and keep your space at a comfortable temperature. You will instantly notice a difference when removing your covers. 

Use Reflective Panels 

Installing reflective panels behind your radiators can be beneficial when your radiators aren’t performing as well as expected. These panels are a cheap option to explore and they will reflect heat into your room rather than allowing it to be absorbed by the wall. Having proper insulation in your walls is important too as it will help to retain the radiator’s heat within the room. So, your radiators might not be the problem if your insulation is ineffective. 

Bleed the Radiators

It’s always beneficial to try bleeding your radiators if they’re not heating a room as efficiently as they used to. Over time, air can accumulate in your heating system. This air will naturally travel to and settle in the highest part of your radiator, causing cold spots and reducing its performance. Bleeding your radiators and releasing trapped air will help to ensure they are able to fully heat up again. This is something you can easily do by yourself too. 

Invest in a Powerflush 

If bleeding your radiators hasn’t worked, you may want to consider investing in a Powerflush service. Enlisting the assistance of a plumbing or heating engineer can help to ensure your radiators are operating as efficiently as possible. A Powerflush involves flushing out any debris or contamination from your central heating system and completely clearing it. As well as improving performance, a Powerflush can extend the lifespan of your radiators and boiler. 

Install High Heat Output Radiators 

When you have tried everything mentioned above and your radiators still aren’t effectively heating your home, it may be time to upgrade to more modern designs. Investing in high BTU radiators can have a big impact on how quickly you can heat your room and modern radiators are designed to be as efficient as possible. It’s highly recommended that you use a BTU calculator to ensure you’re ordering the best radiator for your space. You may find you need different radiators for your living room and your bedroom, for example. 

Searching for High Output Designer Radiators for Sale?

Hopefully, the information above will be useful if you want to improve the performance of your radiators. Should you be interested in upgrading your old central heating system and you’re searching for somewhere to purchase contemporary radiators, be sure to visit the Designer Radiator Showroom website. We stock an array of high-quality radiators and there is a suitable design for every home on our online store. 

You can order high output radiators conveniently via our website and we can assure you that you won’t be disappointed in the quality of our products. Whether you need a vertical radiator for a small wall space or you want a horizontal radiator for under your window, you won’t struggle to find the perfect design. If you need any help using our BTU calculator or some advice to narrow down our designer radiators, feel free to get in touch with our experienced team today.  

During your process of finding the perfect designer radiator for your home, you have probably come across the term Delta Rating. You do not need a comprehensive knowledge of the Greek Alphabet (Delta is the fourth letter) to figure out how it works. In mathematic equations, Delta signifies a change in a figure or amount. Delta T measures the difference between the heat circulating in the radiator and the desired temperature in the room, and allows the BTU to be calculated.

Being able to quickly compare a radiators BTU output to the BTU needed for your room size will help you massively in choosing the perfect radiator for your home that will look great, but more importantly, be powerful enough to generate the heat you need. The delta rating calculates exactly what BTU your radiator will generate at a specific temperature. This is where it gets complicated: different designer radiator brands calculate their BTU at different delta ratings just to add to the confusion!

Whilst the majority of designer radiator and towel rail BTUs are calculated at Delta 50, not all are! This can be misleading as some radiators will appear more powerful than others as the Delta rating is different. Buying a radiator that appears to have an amazing heat output can lead to disappointment and cold rooms if you are not careful. This could be a costly error if you purchase a radiator measured at Delta 60 for a Delta 50 system.

The majority of Europe use Delta 50 and the UK converted to Delta 50 in 2013. Delta 50 is based on a much lower expected boiler temperature which is more in-line with modern insulation and boiler performance.

You will want to convert the delta rating of any radiator you are considering buying to Delta 50 to get the most accurate BTU figure possible and avoid purchasing an underpowered radiator. There are several ways to ensure your radiator will perform well, but the most crucial step to take is purchasing a radiator powerful enough to heat your chosen room to begin with.

To do this, it is easy!

To convert Delta 60 to Delta 50: Multiply the BTU at Delta 60 by 0.789 to generate your Delta 50 rating BTU.

Example: 2500 BTU (Delta 60) X 0.789 = 1972 BTU (Delta 50).

As you can see, by measuring the BTU at Delta 50, the figure decreases, providing you with the more accurate BTU reading for UK heating systems.

To convert Delta 70 to Delta 50, the process is similar: Multiple the BTU at Delta 70 by 0.645 to generate your Delta 50 rating BTU.

Example: 2500 BTU (Delta 70) x 0.645 = 1612 BTU (Delta 50).

Before you open the calculator app on your phone, you can breathe a sigh of relief! All radiators on Designer Radiator Showroom have their BTUs listed at Delta 50 to give you the most accurate information possible and to help you make the best choice for your and your home. Simply go to the product page of your chosen radiator, use the drop-down menus to select your size and finish and the BTU of your radiator will be displayed in the information table to help you make a well-informed decision.

At the top of every page of our website and on every radiator product page is our handy BTU calculator, an easy way to see how much heat your room will need! We recommend always choosing a radiator that has a higher BTU than the minimum estimate, just to ensure that your new designer radiator or towel rail will give you more than enough warmth.

Choosing new radiators for your home is a big decision. Your radiators are an integral part of your central heating system and they will help to keep your rooms warm all year round. In addition to size, colour and shape, you need to ensure you’re considering the BTU value and the overall performance of the radiators you buy. 

Typically, all radiators will fall into one of two categories; single radiators and double radiators. Understanding the differences between these two main types of radiators is essential to ensure you’re purchasing the best solutions for your home. Below we have explored the basics every homeowner should know to make an informed decision when it comes to heating their homes effectively and efficiently. 

The Difference Between Single and Double Radiators

In short, the difference between these two types of radiators is the number of panels they have. Single radiators have a single panel which hot water flows through. This means they’re typically slimmer and more streamlined in design. Double radiators are made with two panels which provide a larger surface area for heat transfer. They are often bulkier in design and feature two rows of fins, however, you can get designs with only one row of fins too.

Which Type of Radiator is Best to Install?

When you’re deciding between single and double radiators, whether you’re interested in horizontal radiators or vertical radiators, there are some basics you need to know. The below factors will impact which type of radiator is best suited to your specific heating needs;

  • Heat Output

Due to their smaller size and reduced surface area, single radiators have a lower heat output when compared to double radiators. Having two panels enables double radiators to produce more heat, even if they have similar dimensions to single radiators. 

  • Space Efficiency

When you need a radiator for a room with limited wall space or you’re searching for a more discreet heating solution, single radiators are a great choice. Their slimmer design means they can be installed almost anywhere. Since double radiators are bulkier and take up more space, they are better suited to larger rooms that require a higher heat output.

  • Heat Distribution

Being able to evenly heat a space is important in larger or poorly insulated rooms. With single radiators, heat distribution can be less even as the heat is concentrated around the single panel. This can make it harder to heat every corner of a room. However, the larger surface area of double radiators allows for more even heat distribution, resulting in a more consistent temperature throughout the room.

  • Heat Response Time

It can be easy to overlook, but not all modern radiators will heat up as quickly as one another. Single radiators typically heat up faster due to their smaller size. They can provide you with quick bursts of heat whenever needed. Whereas double radiators can take longer to heat up. Yet they retain heat for longer periods too, offering a more sustained warmth.

  • Heat Efficiency

When comparing heat output per square inch, single radiators are generally less efficient. By doubling the number of panels emitting heat, double radiators can provide more heat output for their size. This can contribute to better overall energy efficiency.

  • Cost and Installation 

Since they’re smaller and simpler in design, single radiators are typically less expensive than double radiators. They are also easier to install and more versatile when it comes to installation location. Although the upfront costs may be higher, double radiators can be a cost-effective investment for your home in the long run. 

Order Designer Radiators in the UK 

Ultimately, the choice between single and double radiators depends on your specific heating needs, the size and layout of your rooms, and your budget. It’s essential to consider all of the factors mentioned above and if you need some further assistance, get in touch with a heating professional for some tailored advice. 

Here at Designer Radiator Showroom, we stock a vast range of high-quality radiators and our experts can answer any questions you may have about the different types of radiators on the market. We understand that each of our customers have unique needs and we can recommend the most suitable solutions for your home. 

You can turn to us in confidence when ordering designer radiators in the UK knowing that we keep our prices competitive without compromising on our eye-catching designs. With both traditional radiators and contemporary radiators to choose from, we will have a solution for every room in your home. Explore our website today to find the perfect radiators to install. 

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