Designer radiators are superbly suited to enhance the visual aspects of any home, but they aren’t always the most ideal thing from a functional standpoint. To help improve their utility beyond the basic possibilities, varying brands manufacture specific accessories to augment the capabilities of their designer radiators, and push them from “Ohhh I love this”, to “I. NEED. THIS”.


Read on and find out what you might need today.



Designer radiators take on many shapes and come in many sizes. Some are more flexible in their designs, even incorporating certain functional aspects into their designs, i.e. their shape allows them to hold towels naturally, but others are gorgeous designs which despite their limited shapes have been granted greater accessibility through accessories for tea towels and the like.


Image of the Bisque Classic Towel Radiator with its towel rail in the open-ended positioning

The Bisque Classic is a lovely, homely radiator featuring traditional old-school styling, updated to suit both modern and period settings, and available in a wide selection of fantastic finishes. It is available in a variety of sizes, including options for height, width and even depth changes, making it aesthetically flexible and able to complement or enhance any interior décor.


By designing a towel rail specifically for this radiator, Bisque created elegance only achievable with the BisqueClassic Towel Radiator; there is nothing like it.


Image of two Bisque Classic Towel Radiators positioned symmetrically aside two windows with towels on their rails, with a matching free standing bath between them.

Most interestingly the rail is a modern counterpoint to the more traditional style of the radiator itself, and the two styles juxtaposing one another make for a delightful and popular twist. And as shown above, the rail can either be open ended (1st image) or closed off (2nd image), offering fantastic flexibility.



Modern and sophisticated, the Aestus Camba is a perfectly flat faced, but features a deep camber at the top and bottom of its design. This radiator is a feature ideally suited for the bathroom or the kitchen, but becomes perfect in those same spaces when you mount up to 3 of the specially designed towel rails onto it.


Image of the Aestus Camba with two towel rails, holding a single red towel for striking effect.


Each rail is well proportioned; they are thick, sturdy and every time you place a towel over one, straighten it out with a gentle tug, it fills you with a warm, thoroughly satisfying feeling inside.


The best accessories are always the ones which have had great time taken in them, and are tailored to one specific radiator. The days of buying a hang on rail for your wet washing are long gone, in this modern age we do things properly, we do things right first time, but most importantly… we do it in style.