Here at the Designer Radiator Showroom we love Aluminium designer radiators. Aluminium is such a fantastic material for radiators to be made from that it’s no surprise to see them becoming increasingly popular here in the UK and throughout Europe.



But what makes Aluminium designer radiators special, and why should your next one be made from it? Find out in today’s DRS Blog…




Aluminium designer radiators like the Bisque Blok have completely unique designs which aren’t possible with your run of the mill steel models. Both the shapes which aluminium radiators can be created in as well as the finishes which are applied to them are unique to the material itself.



The aesthetical differences distinguish Aluminium radiators all the more, and our manufacturers have experimented to create the most beautiful and eye catching designs for your interior. Most painted aluminium finishes are soft matt textures; the paint clings to the interesting shapes in a luxurious way.


The polished aluminium finishes we see from several manufacturers creates a stunning satin effect by anodising the surface of the material. This process both creates a remarkable visual style, and serves to protect the soft metal from deterioration.



Just like the author of this article, there’s more to aluminium designer radiators than just astonishingly good looks! Aluminium is one of the easiest metals to work with in manufacturing and is a very green material as well.

The biggest benefits for radiators are;

  • Thermal efficiency! The single biggest benefit of designer radiators manufactured from aluminium is that it convects heat out of the hot water inside into the surrounding air far more efficiently than steel and cast iron. This benefit is utilised in two main ways, either;
    • Aluminium radiators are made to produce enormous heat outputs; or,
    • They are instead designed to use less hot water than steel counterparts while still providing as much heat as steel radiators do – saving you precious pounds on your heating bill
  • The lightweight build means that when you receive them they are a breeze to store and easy for your plumber to install
  • Aluminium designer radiators are generally of higher quality and will outlast steel counterparts, giving you many more years to enjoy your radiators
  • Due to the enormously recyclable nature of aluminium, it is extremely resource efficient and helps contribute towards a greener lifestyle, reducing the burden of carbon emissions on the climate



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