We have a single Arbonia Arbotherm left in our showroom and it simply MUST GO. We’ve slashed 65% off the RRP, hand polished up its lovely Pastoral Mint powder coating and we are just about ready to say goodbye.

Read on for all of the details about how you can get your hands on this designer radiator beauty, and some ramblings on happiness in the home as well.



The choices you make in accentuating your home make it all the more you. Be it the drapes, the coffee table, the pictures on the wall or how you dress your dining table, each of these things say something about you.

Whether you’re interested in that message being received by other people or if you’re happy enough having that conversation with yourself, that’s beside the point. These things frame your life, paint a picture and help you to define yourself.

So what does the Arbonia’s Arbotherm have to say? Let’s find out!



The Arbotherm features slick flat panels facing you edge on. Each slat is positioned with a 30mm space between the next, which is excellent for both this radiators aesthetics, but also its thermal efficiency. With a normal flat panel design you would be only able to fit 5 or 6 panels side by side, the Arbotherm has 13 panels in the same space, and is all the better looking for it.

The shape it takes also helps to channel air more efficiently upwards and improves the air flow of the convection current around it.


The edge on shape of the Arbotherm is quite charming.


Most importantly however, it was £697.50, but the DRS MEGA Sale it’s NOW down to £299.00 including VAT. That’s nearly 65% OFF the RRP!! Remember we only have ONE!

This one off beauty is ideal for a number of spaces in the home, and is 1500mm tall, 448mm wide and finished in Arbonia’s soft Pastoral Mint finish. With a heat output of 3376 BTUs is plenty for a small to medium sized bedroom, and even as a supplementary radiator in a hallway, kitchen, living or dining room.


If you would like to get your hands on this special Arbonia Arbotherm at £299.00 you can collect it from our Lancashire showroom, or order online at £339.00 including VAT and delivery! Please call with at least one day’s notice to allow us to remove the radiator from the display!