The design choices we make in our homes are little love letters to ourselves, our partners and the people we invite into our abode.  Each decision, each risk and each feature of your décor is your conscious choice to make more of your home.


The bedroom and the bathroom are two of the most personal spaces of your home, and today we are going to focus explicitly on the latter – Bathroom radiators.



Your restroom, en-suite or master bath is a place where you are most vulnerable. Cold, scantily clad and improperly provisioned with the wrong style and the wrong radiators, the bathroom can be a place you look to get out of at the soonest possibility.


With an interior design that you love and the perfect bathroom radiator to keep you warm and cosy in your toasty towel, your bathroom can be the room you almost don’t want to leave in the morning, and can’t wait to use during your night-time rituals.


Zehnder Subway - Stainless Steel

Subtly brilliant bathroom radiators like the Zehnder Subway have exactly the kind of panache we mean. The Subway features a complete, cubic surround and equidistant, rounded rungs in-between, creating a soft yet stimulating appearance, along with good heat outputs and the ability to easily hang your towels on a large choice of rungs.



The modern bathroom calls for functionality as well as ‘future-proofed’ style so it will remain contemporary even as your neighbours try to catch up a few years down the line. Bathoom radiators like the Zehnder Subway and the DRS Abetone serve this purpose perfectly, complementing your décor, warming your towels and giving you a feeling of excitement to start and close your day.


DRS Abetone finished in chrome against a stone coloured backdrop


The traditional equivalent for the more classically distinguished master bathroom would take a form very much like the Vogue Regency, featuring a traditional column radiator within a lush chrome frame. Soft, tasteful ball-joints accent the location where each bar connects gives the Regency a rich, knotted look to enhance its appearance and enrich the bathroom radiator experience.


Vogue Regency Floor Mounted


In our experience installing bathrooms into our customer’s homes throughout England, bathroom radiators are sometimes ignored or a quick after-thought, but to express your personality, give your heating some thought and ask us for help and advice if you would like it; we are always ready.


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