The home is our den of comfort and leisure for entertainment and for letting go of all of the day’s stress and worry. It’s your safe-haven and by rights it should be well adorned and cosy enough for a King and Queen.


What is cosier adornment than a designer radiator gently warming your favourite room in the home?




Taking centre stage on this matter of relaxation is the Bisque Classic, an out and out traditional radiator which has style as well as function well beyond what is normally associated with a radiator of its kind.


Bisque Classic Floor Mounted - Beige


The Classic is quite fittingly classic for the period home, but also suitably smart, contemporary and uniform enough to uplift even the newest hyper-modern décor of the 21st century.  Your living space must be something which gives you pride, and with the first impression being paramount you want guests in your home to be impressed right from the get go, and the distinctive shape of the Classic makes it readily apparent that you take great care of your home and yourself.




On the less exciting, but just as necessary side of things, we also must ensure that we are getting enough heat output from our designer radiators to meet our room’s heat-loss requirements – It doesn’t mean diddly-squat how good your radiator looks when icicles are forming on your chandelier


This is where the Bisque Classic becomes a functional blessing. With height options ranging from the almost comical (but sometimes practical) 260mm tall, all the way up to 1800mm, you can suit the space you have with very little worry.



The practicality comes in where the width of the Classic is concerned, as it can built section by section to achieve the width that you require. You can squeeze it into that little space by the kitchen door; stretch it to the perfect length to sit just shorter than the window in the bedroom, or make it sit perfectly placed in the centre of a long stretch of wall without looking ‘lost’.



What makes this all the more practical is that even if you need a slimmer radiator width to cram some amount of heating into a space, the Classic can be made in differing depth options to allow more heat output to be gained from a restricted height or width.


The standard option for the Classic is a 2 column depth, which is slim and typically looks better in a 3 column variant like the left image below. More formidable still, really racking up the heat output numbers, is the 4 column version shown in gold below, right. The 4 column still looks like it belongs, and so you can achieve some terrific BTUs (British Thermal Units) without sacrificing any part of the stylish, luxurious appearance that that Bisque Classic is known for.


Bisque Classic in Lacquered Bare Metal finish (3 Column - Left) and Gold finish (4 Column - Right)


Moving into the 5 and 6 column sizes you gain incredible thermal performance, while still retaining a modest aesthetic. These sizes are better suited to being floor mounted and in the shorter heights up to around 600mm, but the added functionality these provide allow you to only need 1 or 2 designer radiators in a large room in which you might otherwise need 3 or 4 of another style.




We find that speaking with our customers after their radiators have been installed, the biggest talking point is their colour. When you either match perfectly with the surrounding colour scheme, or contrast distractingly well with your décor the statement has been made and all of your care and attention pays dividends. After that your guests will notice the shape, the size, the other features which make your radiators special, but we’re more like magpies than we might admit!


Bisque Classic Floor Mounted - In Light Blue on the left and Light Pink on the right, accompanied by the classic colour chart


All of these bespoke sizes and finishes are available in 4-6 weeks, manufactured and delivered straight from Germany direct to your door.




With its own factories and its own team of highly specialised employees Bisque has complete control over production quality, and their attention to detail is taken to an extreme level with each model they manufacture.


Their guarantees set the standard for the industry, and the Bisque Classic features a 5 year long warranty which is almost entirely useless – Bisque’s radiators true luxury goods which a lot of the time out-live your stay in your home, the chances of needing to use your warranty at all is extremely remote.


With vertical sizes as well as horizontal, and the footed options as well, the Classic is versatile enough, but the Bisque Classic Towel Radiator adds a finely crafted rail to the design, making it all the more attractive and remarkably functional.


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