In 1979 the creative geniuses behind Bisque set foot into the unknown future-scape of designer radiators. Not knowing what was possible, how to achieve it or where to begin Bisque ventured boldly into the homes of the rich and famous, art galleries and the ultra-modern projects of architects well ahead of their time.


All their innovative excellence in design, manufacture and quality control is now available at fantastic prices delivered directly to your door.

Your home, with Bisque, will be forever transformed for the better.


Today we are examining two of Bisque’s most iconic designs, each with their own completely unique approach to heating; the Bisque Tetro Towel , and the Bisque Arteplano



The Tetro Towel is a wonderful interpretation of Bisque’s own Classic radiator which is the traditional old school, steel multi column design. The Tetro, however, is made from aluminium and therefore is much more efficient, but the material choice also has a very distinct appearance in both its finish and its shape. The sleek aluminium body of the Tetro looks fabulous in White, Volcanic, Champagne or any of Bisque’s superb finishes.

A small, tasteful bay leaf motif adorns the top and bottom corner of each column, and this radiator sits on handsome, unique brackets which aren’t found on any other designer radiators. The same motif has been carefully etched into this radiator’s towel bar, which sweeps elegantly across its face.

Available in a range of sizes fit for bathroom, kitchen and bedroom alike. The heights are 749mm, 1484mm and 1784mm, giving you flexibility to heat your room and fill the space with the perfect size.




A flat panel is as dull as a long wait in the dentist (and trust me selling something like that is akin to pulling teeth!), yet the Arteplano’s flat surface excites us in ways which would be uncouth to put into writing.

It is available in White (Zzzzzzzzz…), and in its Brushed Aluminium finish it is stunning radiator, but those options pale in comparison to the Arteplano’s Etched Copper and Etched Brass finishes. The deep sunset orange tones of the Etched Copper are matched by the bright sunflower yellow shades of the Etched Brass, and between them it is hard to choose a favourite.


Fabulous design gives depth to this flat surface!


Each model’s stunning finish is created by hand, so each Arteplano is completely one of a kind, yours and no-one else’s.

Available in 3 vertical and 3 horizontal sizes, this uniquely gorgeous radiator is great for hallways, kitchens, bedrooms and living rooms, and will set a fire under the décor the likes of which you and your avid guests will fall head over heels for.


If you like the look of the Bisque Arteplano or the Tetro Towel, there’s no time like the present to start thinking about it and get in touch with us here at DRS on 01257 442911, or [email protected]


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