Radiators brands are ever so gradually becoming household names, and one of the brands leading this movement is Bisque… (Cue thousands of people sat at home thinking “Who”?).


Gif reference from Guardians of the Galaxy - "Who?"; "Starlord, man... Legendary outlaw?"


With cutting edge designs, along with old classics, which are well-received across Europe, and quality hand-craftsmanship which is rarely seen in today’s mass production world, Bisque have created a product range and a renowned brand which is growing in distinction in the fields of heating, engineering and art.


You’ll find out much more in today’s DRS article, so read on!



Bisque is a passionate, forward thinking brand which focuses on chic and elegant stylisation to remain ahead of its peers. Through initiatives like the design collaborations with Bath Spa University to find the designs of tomorrow, they are laying the foundations for new creators, cementing the future of Bisque radiators.


Bisque’s romantic enthusiasm for communication with the public, their outreach programmes, and their determination to remain inspired is testament to the work they put in to ‘think different’ and to be different from the rest of the designer radiator crowd.



While the designer radiator market is gradually becoming more and more saturated, Bisque has managed to stand apart proudly with superb styles like the Flow Form, the Finn and the Svelte.

3 paned image of the Bisque Flow Form, the Bisque Finn and the Bisque Svelte


The Bisque Flow Form is a classic radiator turned designer. Its shape is designed for maximum heat output through its spiral design. The coiled form is able to quickly heat up the surrounding air, and this is pushed up through its gills very quickly.


The Bisque Finn takes a similar principle but makes it more straight forward. Literally. The flat panels of the Finn point straight forward into the room, and air is channelled in-between them for excellent circulation of warmth. The design is strikingly distinctive, and makes for dramatic effect in any of its plentiful, custom finish options.


Lastly, the Bisque Svelte is a super-radiator uniquely ideal for both the kitchen and the bathroom. A perfectly modern example of why Bisque is becoming the brand people are talking about, and the world of design is obsessed with. Just 3 weeks ago Bisque won the coveted Best Heating Brand 2017 at the BKU Awards, presented by Jimmy Carr!


The progressive nature of Bisque’s business ethos is the driving force behind their gradual invasion-of-innovation into the modern day domestic sphere. Each day, their distinctively high quality, romantic designs are discovered by someone new.


Now is the perfect time to get ahead of the game. There is a very big difference between being able to say;


“Yes, I’ve heard of Bisque”, and;

“Yes, I have Bisque. They are wonderful”.


See which Bisque radiator you deserve today.