Designer radiators are wonderful things. They are attractive, warm and create a feature where previously there was none, and like a good rug, they can really tie a room together. Often, to be so room, nay, life-change-ingly striking, a designer radiator must sacrifice a little bit of its ability to hold hot water and be more decorative than it is functional.

This makes it all the more important to consider the heat output of your new radiator, as well as the amount of warmth the room it is to be fitted within will need.


Join us now to find out just how we figure out how much heat we need, and exactly how to use our super easy BTU Calculator.

Picking your designer radiator is an exciting experience, but you can make it much easier and give yourself full confidence by using our BTU calculator to determine that you are picking a radiator which is capable of thoroughly warming your home.



As you browse our designer radiators, on the product page on the right hand side you will see our BTU calculator at the top of a side section;


The BTU Calculator is highlighted at the right side of our product page


Clicking it just once will bring up a little light-box with our BTU Calculator ready for you to use.


From there, you are 5 easy steps away;

  • Choose your room type – In our example we are looking at the bathroom
  • Provide your room’s measurements – Only needs to be approximate if you haven’t got a tape measure to hand
  • Let us know how exposed the room is – i.e is it does it have 2 north facing walls which aren’t so well insulated, or is it really well insulated and has 4 interior walls
  • Are the windows in your room single or double glazed
  • Finally, click “Calculate” and your heat output estimate will appear in both BTUs and Watts, just like below;


Image showing an example of the information to put into our BTU Calculator


In our example using a small bathroom, we now know we need roughly 600-725 BTUs, and can apply this knowledge to our radiator search…



Knowing about some numbers sounds good, but it’s important to understand that you can go a lot over or a tiny bit under and still be in a great position, and expect a comfortably warm room. So when we return to the product page we see that the radiator we have been looking at, the lovely Vogue Carina, has 831 BTUs in the size that we are interested in.


Image showing an example product named the Vogue Carina, and how its heat output is appropriate for our example bathroom


We have a little more heat than needed, but always remember;




That mainly applies to when you have a good chunk of heat more than is needed, but erring on the safe side is always a good rule of thumb to live by, so in this case we would be happy enough to add the Carina to the basket and check out.


Full image of the Vogue Carina

To get started searching for a designer radiator with the right BTUs for you, have a look at our range today by clicking right here.