Compare Top 20 Radiators Prices: How to Choose the Best!

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Installing new radiators can make a big impact on the comfort and appearance of your home. With so many radiator types, styles, sizes and configurations, how do you know you’re getting the best price?

In this guide, we compare prices on 20 top-rated radiator models from leading brands. We’ll identify where you can find discounts and value across four common radiator categories:

  • Column radiators
  • Designer radiators
  • Electric radiators
  • Towel warmer radiators

Follow along as we break down key specs, features and up-to-date pricing. With these insights, you can shop smart and uncover the perfect radiator for your budget.

Black Column Radiator
Black Column Radiator

Column Radiators: Traditional Style, Affordable Pricing

Column, or columnar radiators, are probably the most common type you’ll find in UK homes. They feature vertical columns linked together by horizontal tubes. Column radiators provide an affordable way to heat a room with a simple, classic style.

Here are 10 top-value column radiators and latest prices:

UK RadiatorsColumn Radiator1500 x 500mm3,862£72
SupatufSlimline Radiator1500 x 400mm2,440£68
HydrotechColumn Radiator1500 x 350mm1,698£58
QRL RadiatorsHorizontal1000 x 600mm3,608£78
MagnatMoco Radiator1800 x 295mm1,587£51
MagnatRadius Radiator1500 x 450mm2,328£64
HydrotechColumn Radiator2000 x 400mm3,488£84
SUPARADMorado1200 x 350mm1,136£47
StelradLST Radiator1800 x 400mm2,980£98
MysonDecor Column700 x 500mm1,484£58

As you can see, column radiators typically range from £50-100 depending on size and BTU output. Single columns tend to be the most affordable.

Designer Radiators: Modern Style, Higher Prices

Designer radiators make a stylish statement with curving, irregular shapes and unique styling. They come in a variety of materials like aluminum and stainless steel. Designer radiators cost more than basic columns but deliver more aesthetic impact.

Here are 5 top designer radiator options with current pricing:

Hudson ReedElement1200 x 600mm7,226£599
Luce Di LunaDesigner1500 x 450mm4,200£349
Enzo SciroccoDesigner1700 x 600mm7,000£599
EnviroVistaSvelte Towel1800 x 505mm4,840£599
LinkstaAluminum2000 x 500mm7,000£599

Designer radiators range from £350 up to £600+ for larger and more intricate models from premium brands.

Electric Radiators: No Plumbing, Fast Heating

Electric radiators provide instant heat and require no plumbing installation. They are more expensive to operate but provide flexibility in positioning. Here are 5 top options:

EcolecEllisse500 x 600mm400W£64
WarmelectricTraditional600 x 854mm1.5kW£153
SUPAWATTElectric800 x 500mm1.0-1.5kW£115
DimplexCDE2Ti566 x 600mm2kW£118
RointeKyros1800 x 367mm2.0kW£225

Electric radiators offer easy install and responsive heating from about £60 up to £200+ depending on output.

Towel Warmer Radiators: Heat and Dry in Bathrooms

As the name describes, towel warmer radiators provide warmth while also drying damp towels in bathrooms. They have thinner tubes spaced ideal for holding towels. Here are our top 5 towel warmer radiator picks:

WarmtownElectric500 x 800mmElectric£64
Hudson ReedWetroom500 x 1200mmPlumbed£164
Vogue UKHeated Towel700 x 600mmPlumbed£129
WarmzoneAluminium530 x 1180mmPlumbed£175
WarmtownCurved600 x 850mmElectric£139

Bathroom towel warmers run from about £60 for electric models up to £175 for plumbed-in radiators.

Choosing the Right Radiator for You

Now that you’ve compared pricing across different radiator styles, how do you choose the right one for your needs and budget? Here are key factors to consider:

  • Room size – Calculate heating needs and radiator output.
  • Location – Wall space, pipe access, window clearance, etc.
  • Style – Column, designer, electric, towel – match your decor.
  • Dimensions – Confirm height, width and depth fit the space.
  • Finish – Color, chrome, brass – complement your interiors.
  • Energy costs – Electric vs water-heated operating expenses.
  • Budget – Compare pricing and get quotes. Look for sales.

Taking the time to evaluate your options using the pricing info above will help unlock the best radiator value for your home.

Save on Installation Costs

The radiator itself isn’t the only expense to factor in. Installation costs can also add a few hundred pounds depending on the complexity. Here are tips to reduce install costs:

  • For simple DIY, opt for plug-in electric that requires no plumbing.
  • Choose a style that fits existing pipe connections to avoid major changes.
  • Have all the necessary valves, fittings and accessories on hand so the pro makes fewer trips.
  • Get quotes from multiple radiator installers to find the best rate.
  • Ask about combos or package pricing if doing multiple radiators.

Finding an experienced professional you trust is key to keeping install costs reasonable.


  • Column radiators offer simple style starting around £50-100.
  • Designer radiators cost more – £350 up to £600 – but provide modern appeal.
  • Electric radiators don’t require plumbing for easier install, starting about £60.
  • Towel warmers designed for bathrooms range from £60 to £175.
  • Factor in size, style, finish, energy use and budget when choosing.
  • Reduce install costs by selecting plug-in electric or strategizing pro services.

Using this pricing guide makes it easier to find the perfect radiator to heat your home beautifully and affordably.

Radiator Shopping FAQs

Here we answer some common questions about buying and installing radiators:

How do I choose the best radiator?

Consider heat output required, dimensions, styles that complement your decor, energy costs, pricing and warranty. Get professional advice for the best fit.

What is the most cost-effective radiator option?

Basic column radiators offer the most affordable upfront price. Electric models are cheaper to install but may have higher energy bills.

Should I get quotes from multiple installers?

Yes, get at least 3 installer quotes. Compare rates, experience and service offerings. This ensures you get quality work at a fair price.

How can I get the best radiator prices?

Shop end of season sales, look for discount codes online, buy in bundles, and negotiate pricing. Buying direct from retailers can offer savings too.

What maintenance do radiators need?

Radiators benefit from regular bleeding to release trapped air. Also inspect for leaks or rust, clean with a soft cloth and touch up paint when needed.

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Additionally, professional installation may be necessary to maintain the product’s warranty. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult with experts and not attempt to install the product yourself unless you are qualified to do so.

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