Today we are closely examining a very sweet and attractive designer radiator manufactured by the high end stainless steel producer Aeon. They call it the Honeycomb, but we call it un-bee-lievable!

This is a radiator truly gets you buzzing, and your excitement won’t fade quickly, you’ll be fixated each and every time you see it. Read more to find our all about it…




The Aeon Honeycomb is unsurprisingly made up of a series of honeycomb shaped, hexagonal structures which connect together in a staggered series, making for a mouth-watering appearance.  It may look like a delicate design, but Aeon’s stainless steel manufacturing is second to none, so it boasts exceptional strength.



The slender design means that while the Honeycomb does produce heat, it isn’t in colossal amounts, just enough to heat the hive. This is a design feature which is perfect as a complementary heat source in larger rooms, and would be fine as the primary heat source in smaller bathrooms.



With a 20 year long guarantee Aeon are promising exceptional quality from the Honeycomb, and this can be seen in both its Polished and Brushed finished options. The Polished stainless steel versions are gorgeous, shining examples of clean manufacturing, while the Brushed stainless steel models a beautifully satin, extremely modern and still very reflective of light.


Aeon’s Honeycomb is both functional and stylish too, as it can be used purely to show off its lovely design, or even as a towel holder for smaller towels in kitchens and restrooms. The nicest thing about the Honeycomb is that its price doesn’t come with much of a sting either given how stunning it is!



Available in 4 sizes, ranging from 580mm high / 550mm wide to a rather sizeable 1400mm high / 785mm wide, the Honeycomb has flexibility that you don’t often see in an over the top designer radiator, which is so refreshing and allows for it to work in any property.


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