A Turkish delight! The Aeon Lokum is inspired by and named after Turkey’s signature confectionary, and just like that sweet of many flavours, the Lokum can fit into just as many rooms and themes.


Lokum is the Turkish word for Turkish delight, and can be directly translated into ‘morsel’ or ‘mouthful’. You can see that Aeon has taken great care with each individual bite-sized section on this signature piece, and the finished effect looks like the powdered treat laid out in its box.


Join us today to find out how Aeon made this ‘comfort of the throat’ into a comfort for the eyes as well.




With any radiator, wouldn’t you love the ability to have it wall mounted or free standing? With the Aeon Lokum you can. It is exceedingly easy to place, as you can place it flat against your wall, or have it divide your room by standing proud from the wall and creating a dazzling effect, sure to make even the Jones’ jealous.


Your living space can be tricky to organise, but the stylish separation that the Lokum can offer is completely unique, and not offered by any other radiator manufacturer in the industry.



The Aeon Lokum is available in both polished and brushed stainless steel, making for two very different visual effects appropriate for rather different décor styles. This high quality stainless steel comes with a 20 year long guarantee, and is so carefully constructed that it will fit into your theme as neatly as the namesake sweet Turkish treat fits into its box.


Lots of designs will go over your head and be easily forgotten, but the unique stylisation which Aeon’s designers and engineers have put into the Lokum has resulted in a sculpted beauty which sticks in your mind, and in your guests.



This modular shape is available in 5 height options from the miniature 570mm all the way up to the floor-to-ceiling height of 2220mm, but only comes in the one width option of 400mm.


The high end price range of the Aeon Lokum might be a deterrent for most, but its intricate, segmented nature means that a lot of parts must be manufactured for it, and an expert engineer is required to construct and finish it by hand.



In the opinion of the team here at the Designer Radiator Showroom, the Aeon Lokum is one of the most unique designer pieces our industry has ever created. While it may have a high price range, it produces amazing heat output for a designer model which would typically sacrifice heat for a nicer design, and it does look exceedingly smart in a contemporary setting, giving you tremendous satisfaction in making a lifestyle purchase.


We at DRS love the Aeon Lokum, click here to see it today.