Today’s DRS review is looking at the luxurious Bisque Arteplano, a vibrant take on the simplest flat radiator design possible. With designs which are 100% completely unique to each and every customer, the Arteplano is an exciting prospect for the design-minded individual.



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  • Made from Aluminium, and then completed with a gorgeous Brass or Copper exterior
  • Each model is finished with a completely individual etching
  • Available in a small selection of vertical and horizontal sizes to suit several design arrangements
  • Extremely well made, requiring artistic excellence and engineering proficiency to create each model
  • High-end price range
  • Reasonable heat output for its size and the flat panel design
  • Breath-taking appearance




Bisque take great pride in all of their work, but the Bisque Arteplano is a radiator which they quite rightly make a lot of noise about across their website, brochure and other publications. Each time one is made, not only do Bisque go through all of the normal processes associated with manufacturing from Aluminium, but also have their patination artists work magic on the final product to create a completely distinctive design. No two Arteplano radiators are the same.



Juxtaposing one another wonderfully, the Brass and Copper tones catch your eye and capture your imagination instantly and get your creative juices flowing. These radiators are not just features; they become a huge part of the theme of your decoration, enhancing your décor, your lifestyle and your outlook.




The Artelpano’s hidden engine at the rear circulates hot water throughout its design and provides ample warmth despite a flat panel design which wouldn’t normally produce as much heat as a tubular alternative.



It will not be able to heat an enormous space, but due to the aluminium used for the rear side of the radiator it is able to very efficiently convect heat into the surrounding air very quickly, a much more capably than similar steel alternatives.



The Arteplano is available in three vertical and three horizontal sizes. The height remains the same each time, while the widths change as below;



  • 1813mm x 305mm – HJ-180-30
  • 1813mm x 453mm – HJ-180-45
  • 1813mm x 601mm – HJ-180-60



  • 601mm x 1013mm – VJ-56-100
  • 601mm x 1213mm – VJ-56-120
  • 601mm x 1413m – VJ-56-140


While there aren’t many sizes available for the Arteplano, it is intended to be a work of art that you shape your room around and take tremendous pride in. Vertical models will typically have a grander affect, but the horizontal sizes can be used in interesting ways to make them stand out from the rest.



At DRS we believe that the Arteplano achieves exactly what Bisque set out to do in creating a magnificent feast of colour for the eyes, and while it may not be particularly flexible or be able to heat huge spaces, that was never the intention.



The price point is high in the etched Copper and Brass finishes, but other finishes are available such as Brushed Aluminium and a selection of RAL colours, though the etched variations are the main attraction. Due to the amount of work and the nature of this individual design, we at DRS believe it to be worth the high-end price tag to stimulate any luxury household’s interior.


Take a look at the Arteplano online by clicking here, or if you would prefer you can see the Arteplano here at our wonderful Designer Radiator Showroom in Lancashire, 3 minutes away from the M6 exit at Charnock Richard services!