Today we at the Designer Radiator Showroom are reviewing a staple towel rail for our industry, the Chime, made by the luxury radiator artists at Bisque. Time and time again the incredible minds at Bisque have brought us incredible creations which have blown even industry experts like ourselves away.



While the Bisque Chime might not blow you away, it is deeply satisfying to look at, and more so to own and warm a soft towel with. Find out how we rate the Chime by hitting the jump




  • Features a series of perfectly round cylinders joined to two vertical, square shaped collectors
  • The contrasting shapes make it both fit a variety of themes, and work brilliantly with both rounded and cubic valves
  • The large circular tubes provide good surface area for your towels to warm upon, and high water content to give great heat outputs for a towel radiator
  • Stylish, chunky design which boasts a simple appearance
  • Can be orientated to face both left or right
  • Can be modified to be used as an electric or dual fuel radiator
  • Made from stainless steel and polished to a mirror finish



It’s rare to see designer towel radiators with strong, unflinching designs, as the norm for them is to be more slender, and to rely heavily on unique shapes to become attractive. The Bisque Chime is still one of the industry’s hallmark radiators despite going against the trends, and we appreciate both its minimalist design, and its build quality.



Bisque take to heart the principle that quality should not be sacrificed for any reason. The stainless steel which the Chime is made from is exceedingly high-quality, and they spend a long time on each model polished it to a fantastic, bright finish which dazzles in the bathroom.


Available at 1000mm, 1380mm and 1760mm high, with only one width of 500mm, the Bisque Chime isn’t tremendously flexible, but this is not the kind of radiator which needs to be crammed in next to your bidet. This radiator is a feature which should be treated as such, and made into the focal point of any room it is fitted within. Most of the time the Chime can do that on its own!


While the price point for the Chime is representative of its quality (the RRP starts at £745 inc VAT / or @£578.88 inc VAT from DRS!) you must remember that you aren’t just buying any old radiator when you purchase Bisque; The exact same way that you aren’t just buying any old car when you purchase Jaguar, Aston Martin or Bentley. There are radiators, and then there are Radiators



The Chime excels in each area which Bisque set out to achieve greatness. It is a minimalist design with soft edges and a full bodied aesthetic, and puts a lot of other towel radiators to shame. It can be orientated and used both left and right-handed, as well being compatible to be used with an electric element, and due to its high quality stainless steel body it is more of an investment than just a purchase; The Bisque Chime will look absolutely fabulous for decades.


See the Bisque Chime right here