Today’s blog is a review of one of our own models; the DRS Brescia.



The Brescia is a curvaceous Aluminium designer radiator that we are going to give you an overview of today, just hit the jump and we’ll get right to it…




  • Made from Aluminium and so it is able to convect a lot of heat without using as much water as a steel alternative
  • On its own it will slightly reduce your heating bills, but if you change all of your home’s radiators then the savings will be considerable
  • A ‘Double’ panel radiator, meaning that it has two sets of heating panels for much higher heat outputs
  • Available in both White and Anthracite grey, and both finishes superbly suit the modern home
  • Due to its lightweight build it is an easy radiator to receive delivery for and store (and easier for your plumber to fit as well!)
  • Very good value for money, in fact, pound for pound our DRS range is sold at such fantastic prices that there aren’t many alternatives which even come close in terms of price vs quality vs heat output



The Brescia takes its name (and the inspiration for its good looks) from the gorgeous Italian city of the same name. The Brescia features a second set of heating panels on its rear side as standard, which allows it to hold nearly double the water, and likewise it produces nearly twice as much warmth for your room.



Each of the Brescia’s slanted panels is paired together with a matching alternately slanted panel which makes for a soft undulation which creates an entirely unique look for the radiator and has been extremely popular with our customers both online and in our showroom.



The DRS Brescia features our 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee, which is the industry standard for Aluminium models, and so if anything was to turn out to be faulty within that time we would provide a replacement radiator for you and collect your faulty model free of charge.



The Brescia is available in only four sizes;

  • Height: 600mm x Width: 560mm
  • Height: 600mm x Width: 748mm
  • Height: 600mm x Width: 936mm
  • Height: 600mm x Width: 1124mm

This means that is isn’t the most flexible radiator out there, however most homes will be able to fit a radiator from the sizes available, it’s just a problem if you have an obscure space available that is particularly wide or short which requires something outside of those sizes, but that’s quite rare.



While the DRS Brescia is our own radiator, we want to give an honest review of it, and overall we feel that while the Brescia is limited by its selection of sizes, it is easily one of our most attractive designs. It produces a good amount of heat without breaking the bank to purchase, leaving you with more funds available to buy the wonderful valves and sleeving kits which finish off the design.


It’s a solid purchase for any home looking for a modern designer radiator to really set off the décor of any room it is put in.


Follow this link to look at our product page for the DRS Brescia, or better yet visit our showroom in sunny Lancashire to have a look at the genuine article!