Here at the Designer Radiator Showroom we have both an enormous selection of designer radiators, and the expertise to help you find the right radiators for you.

Today we are reviewing an industry favourite, and one of the most popular designs out there; the Reina Neva. Join us to find out more!



  • Available in both Single and Double versions
  • Available in both Vertical and Horizontal versions
  • Made from Steel
  • Features an oval shaped tube
  • Powder Coated in White and Anthracite, as well as Silver for the Vertical version only
  • Small selection of the most popular sizes available
  • Reasonable quality for low price
  • 5 year manufacturer’s guarantee
  • Stock item



The Reina Neva is the flagship modern designer radiator, provided for homes all over the UK. It is both softly attractive with its lovely elliptical tubes, and also great value for money. Reina manufacture thousands of Neva radiators per month, and use the same oval profile for not only the Neva, but also the Nerox, Helin, Artena and other radiators which make use of the same shape in different ways, meaning that they can make big savings in production and pass those cost reductions onto you.


Simple yet sleek, a brilliant combination of shapes.


The White finish is a soft semi-gloss which isn’t overly shiny but is also smooth to the touch, making it a very easy going radiator to put in any part of the home. The Anthracite grey finish however is finely textured and sharpens the soft appearance of the Neva so that it makes a louder statement than its white counterpart, which complements granite worktops, white walls, wooden floors and panelling.

By offering both Vertical and Horizontal configurations, as well as Single and Double versions, the Reina Neva is very flexible and can work in spaces of all sizes, and even in rooms with very high heat output requirements.


A detailed finish which boasts a contemporary look which it didn’t need to force


What this also means is that you can use them in interesting ways, such as fitting a double horizontal model in white under your living room or bedroom window, while using a single vertical model in your kitchen or utility room, and then go one step further to fit a small horizontal size in the small bathroom and so on and so forth, until you’ve amassed a collection of radiators which not only suit each room individually, but also match throughout the house despite being a different size.



The DRS team think highly of the Reina Neva for its attractive shape, quick delivery, huge variations in size and finish, huge ability to heat in the largest sizes, and the low prices you can purchase it from.

If you are indecisive, the Neva is a great choice with an exceedingly strong design in which you will be able to find the right size for your requirements, and this is what makes it a firm favourite here at DRS.