Today we’re looking at a delight for the bathroom from a luxury manufacturer; the Vogue Stendy. It’s the age old bout of Form vs Function, so read on today to find out more;




You might be reading this, nodding your head and thinking, quite rationally, that you would always choose something which works over something which looks the part.


Well, a lot of time we let ourselves fall prey to good marketing communication so it’s not quite that simple. We like shiny and fast and extravagant and irrational, it’s why we have cars which drive 3 times the national speed limit and trainers worth a fraction of what we pay for them.


Trying to even the playing field, the Vogue Stendy’s inoffensive shape might seem all about function, but its folding shape is so distinctly unique that the Stendy is most definitely trendy. Let’s dig deeper.



When you really boil down what your bathroom is about, what else is there but comfort and ease of use;

Comfort – You want your bathroom to be a cosy space, somewhere you can relax. The exact details differ from person to person, but the crux of a good bathroom is the ability to close your eyes and relax yourself in preparation for the day ahead (or the thermal journey before bed).


Ease of Use – The more steps you need to take each time you use your bathroom, the more of a chore it is, and one thing that really should be hard labour is having to stressfully jam your towel into your radiator’s tiny slots.


In the bathroom we should be striving for fewer steps with a more efficient design and ultimately a room you can easily unwind or prepare for your day in. The Vogue Stendy is a perfect way to make warming, storing and hanging your towels a pleasure each time.


With no word of exaggeration, it feels almost as if your butler is handing the towel to you (why your butler is in the bathroom with you we don’t know…).


While seeming like a pretty normal rail at first glance, the Stendy is able to fold out each of its sections individually to create multiple shelves as and when you need them. You can have the top half warm the towel you are about to use, while above or beneath that you can fold and store your others, making this a neat solution, removing the need for damp towels hanging on pegs or overlapping each other on a small rail.



We often have customers in the showroom who know they are redecorating a room, and they’ve got work going on, a wall has been taken down to make the bathroom twice as large, but they’re still unsure of how exactly they are going to decorate their new bathroom, and how it is going to be laid out.

Designer radiators like the Vogue Stendy are things of beauty able to capture our imagination, and customers can easily position exactly where they want their new radiator, how they’re going to leave the shower and be presented with their towel. Imagination is kick-started and the creative juices begin to flow.


The Stendy’s form is available a good selection of sizes, and two very distinct designs;

The Vogue Stendy, which features soft round curvature and cylindrical tubes throughout, giving it an easy on the eyes look. Available in 6 sizes from 889mm tall to 1747mm tall, and 512mm wide to 612mm.

The Vogue Stendy Quad, made with four distinct flat sides on each tube, devoid of any rounded angles, and superbly suited to lovers of a good straight edge. Available in 2 sizes; 905mm x 480mm, and 1305mm x 480mm.


Both versions are made from high quality steel and finishing in premium grade chrome in order to create a bright and dazzling effect. Priding themselves on the quality of the Stendy, Vogue provide each model with full 15 year guarantee, which is 10 years longer than industry standard for normal steel radiators.


If you are interested in any version of the Vogue Stendy you can purchase them here but if you have any questions at all then please feel free to contact us on 01257 452879 or [email protected]