Zehnder has been manufacturing radiators for nearly a century, and they can be credited with inventing both the traditional column radiator, as well as the modern designer radiator as we know. They began the radiator revolution towards the end of the 20th Century, and now sit atop the industry as a company known for wonderful craftsmanship, quality and service.



Today we are going to take a look at a minimalist classic from Zehnder named the Metropolitan. With its flat styling and minimalist cut-out sections, this radiator is a contemporary dream for the household.


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Here are the basics;

  • Made from steel, providing good quality and heat output with reasonable pricing
  • Finished as standard in either White, and for the Vertical version only, Zehnder’s iconic Volcanic grey which features miniscule speckles and flakes in its textured surface
  • Also available manufactured as a special order in any finish from Zehnder’s entire colour range within 4-6 weeks
  • Can be purchased in 3 versions; Vertical, Horizontal and Towel Rail
  • Additionally the Horizontal version has towel hanging accessories and hooks for added flexibility



The Vertical form of the Metropolitan is shaped with vertical slits running its whole length, giving it a striking, sharp appearance. This version comes in a small variety of widths from 280mm to 595mm and heights of either 1800mm or 2000mm, but surprisingly the Horizontal model also has some taller sizes close to the Vertical’s, with the slotted design running from left to right instead.


See the Metropolitan Vertical HERE


While the Vertical Zehnder Metropolitan is great for making a feature out of your living spaces, the Horizontal version makes a living space out of your feature kitchen. It both serves a function purpose with letterbox openings for easy towel use, while being a perfect modern addition to the ultra-contemporary kitchens we are seeing more and more of today.



Don’t forget that the Horizontal sizes we are more used to seeing are still available in a selection of sizes, and they work fabulously well under windows and in open spaces where the presence of radiator should be understated.


See the Horizontal variant of the Metropolitan HERE



The Metropolitan Spa takes this idea further, featuring one or two larger openings to accommodate even the plushest, thickest of towels to ensure that you can step out of the shower and into ultimate luxury and comfort.



There is a lot to be said for completely unique designer towel radiators like the Metropolitan Spa. The sense of satisfaction you feel each from a quick glance at the Metropolitan each morning and night is a factor which is very hard to quantify, but certainly one of its huge appealing qualities.



Beyond this it can also be manufactured from fresh, factory fitted with an electric element for use as an electric or dual fuel model, making warm towels part of your daily routine even in those summer months when the heating won’t be on.



The Metropolitan might be a high value product, but it is flexible in the amount of sizes that it is available in and the heating types.  With subtle differences between the three Metropolitan versions, combined with the fantastic Zehnder colour range, your imagination is the limit when it comes to your interior design.


While the design is trend setter, the heat output is quite reserved despite the size of each model because of the flat panel shape, meaning that this would likely be a fantastic feature which needs backing up with a supplementary radiator providing the lion’s share of the heat output.


Zehnder has a rich history as the forefather of the designer radiator, and the leaders in the designer radiator revolution; as such they have excellent customer care, their own delivery service direct to your door, and expertise which is hard to match in this industry.


Here at DRS with can safely give the Zehnder Metropolitan a sturdy two thumbs up and recommend it for any modern living space where the additional heat output required can be accommodated.