The shapes in which our designer radiators are moulded into are as varied and unique as the flowers in a rich, wild field. But like gorgeous buds and blossoms, what attracts us most is the vibrancy and vitality of their petals, flutes and florets, displayed splendidly in rich yellow, rouge and violet.

Designer radiators, even in the most interesting shapes, can end up a little boring in the simple finish in the wrong colour scheme, so join us today to be inspired to be bold in your décor decisions.




The hardest thing about choosing colours for your designer radiators is making your mind up. We have so many finishes which are completely unique that the choice can become a little daunting. Thankfully, brands like Bisque have wonderful colour palettes, and they put them to fantastic use in all of their literature, photography and promotion.


With a brochure which is redesigned every 6 months in a loud new colour, Bisque set the tone on their front cover, and inside the cover they give you hundreds of examples of how their colours can be worked into your interior décor in exciting ways you may not have considered.



Designer radiators should both complement and enhance the decoration in your home, and colour is as important as the shape in creative a cohesive theme throughout. Colour is a free-form expression, and can be an ostentatious flood of colour on the walls, floors and furniture, or it can be a minimal matching of light features and shades nodding to each other from across the room.


Bisque Classic pictured in Gold against a wallpaper with white, charcoal and two shades of gold.


Bisque’s Classic can be seen below in a rich gold set against a golden wall. The wall’s frantic mix of charcoals, whites and the two tones of gold prevent it from being an overload of one shade, and instead we see a satisfying cascade of colour to complement the Classic’s bright finish.


Bisque Classic in Nature Green against a sunburst floral arrangement wallpaper


In much the same way, this second Bisque Classic has been set against a rich floral wallpaper with bold pinks, oranges and violets, a mixture bright and darks shades. The deep, vegetative “Nature Green” of the radiator is a stem which sets of the whole wall and completes the theme fetchingly.



The Bisque Lissett is a remarkably simple design which curves gently outwards. This makes it a superb model for exceptional colours, creating a wide and lush surface for the finish to be shown off. In the below room the Lissett’s tropical shade of green co-ordinates with the deepest hues of the rainforest backdrop, creating a dramatic effect that you might see in luxury hotels in London, Paris or New York.


Bisque Lissett in dark green, set against a tropical background wallpaper, with lighter shades of green on a white background


Style is an inspiration. To be bold and plunge into a creative ocean of possibilities within your home can seem like a risk not worth taking, but nothing ventured, nothing gained. The odds are heavily in your favour, when you choose exemplary designer radiators you would be hard pressed to mess it up, and if you have any sense at all then the result of your colour expedition would be an interior design success.


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