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Corner radiators neatly fit into corners. Man adjusting corner radiator valves in home, best practices for optimizing heat output from corner radiator units. Tips for maximizing efficiency of corner radiators.

Corner radiators are a great way to make use of awkward, wasted space in rooms. Installed neatly in corners, these compact radiators provide efficient heating without taking up valuable wall space. Keep reading to learn all about the benefits of corner radiators and how to choose the best one for your home.

What is a Corner Radiator?

corner radiator is a radiator specifically designed to fit into the corner of a room.

  • Take up less wall space than traditional radiators
  • Triangle, L-shaped, or wedge designs
  • Mount directly into the corner
  • Connects to central heating system
  • Available in electric versions

Corner radiator styles maximize heating efficiency in corner dead zones.

Benefits of Using a Corner Radiator

There are many good reasons to utilize a corner radiator:

Open Floor Space

Corner radiators leave more usable wall space for furniture compared to regular wall-mounted radiators.

Increased Safety

Keeps vulnerable corners free of furniture hazards for kids and the elderly.

Efficient Heating

Their position in the room circulates warm air efficiently throughout the entire space.

Versatile Positioning

Can be installed in any interior or exterior corner of a room.

Take Advantage of Wasted Space

Transforms useless corner space into functional heating zones.

With their smart space-saving design, corner radiators make perfect use of underutilized areas in any room.

Types of Corner Radiators

There are a few common styles of corner radiators:

Triangle Radiators

The most common design – triangular panels neatly fit into corners. Available in a range of sizes.

Wedge Radiators

A wedge or pie shape with angled front face mirrors the corner angle. Compact profile.

L-Shaped Radiators

Two radiator panels joined at a 90 degree angle to sit flush into interior corners.

Vertical Radiators

Tall and slim devices that take up minimal floor space in corners.

Electric Radiators

Electrically powered versions ideal for corners without direct access to central heating systems.

There is a corner radiator shape to match any space.

Corner Radiators; Man adjusting corner radiator valves in home, best practices for optimizing heat output from corner radiator units. Tips for maximizing efficiency of corner radiators.
Corner Radiators

Choosing the Right Size Corner Radiator

Consider these factors when selecting the size:

  • Room dimensions – height, width, length
  • Amount of space in corner – wider gaps need bigger units
  • Heat loss – rooms with more windows/doors require higher BTU output
  • Usage – high traffic rooms need more heating power
  • Radiator manufacturer sizing guides – provide heating capacity specs

Take precise room measurements and heat loss into account to determine the proper corner radiator BTU output.

Advantages of Corner Radiators

Some top perks of using corner radiators:

  • Maximize floor space
  • Keep room corners hazard-free
  • Allow furniture placement options
  • Provide efficient zonal heating
  • Simple DIY installation
  • Compact, space-saving profiles
  • Contemporary triangular aesthetic
  • Affordable cost
  • Safer for kids and elderly

For both form and function, few home upgrades beat installing a space-conscious corner radiator.

Design Tips for Corner Radiators

Integrate corner radiators into room décor with these design ideas:

Complementary Colours

Choose radiator finishes in on-trend neutral tones like white, black, silver or wood tones to blend seamlessly into room palettes.

Draw the Eye Upward

Place wall art or architectural accents above the radiator to direct sight lines up and highlight the corner.

Storage Shelving

Install shelving near the radiator to take advantage of the freed up floor space.

Recessed Mounting

For a flush look, recess corner radiators slightly into walls. Create a purposeful niche.

Maintain Symmetry

Balance the visual weight in the corner by placing matching lamps/accessories on adjacent walls.

With thoughtful styling choices, corner radiators can become as stylish as they are practical.

Installing a Corner Radiator

Most corner radiators can be easily DIY installed with basic tools:

  • Review manufacturer instructions for required parts and connections.
  • Turn off water supply and drain existing radiator if replacing.
  • Detach and remove old radiator as needed.
  • Place radiator gently into corner space and mark positions of mounting brackets.
  • Attach provided brackets securely into wall studs using a drill.
  • Hang radiator onto brackets and ensure it sits level.
  • Reconnect to water supply feed and return lines.
  • Refill system and check for leaks. Bleed air from radiator.
  • Turn on water supply and power up heating system.

With proper planning and care, installing a space-saving corner radiator is a simple weekend project.

5 Top Brands for Corner Radiators

Some well-known companies producing quality corner radiator models include:

  • Stelrad
  • Runtal North America
  • Apollo Radiators

Choosing an established brand ensures optimal durability and heating performance.

Are Corner Radiators Right for You?

Corner radiators work best in homes where:

  • You want to free up wall space in rooms
  • There are unused corner nooks to take advantage of
  • Floor space is limited
  • Kids or elderly family members need safer interior spaces
  • Central heating is difficult to access in some rooms

For both heating efficiency and better room design, putting wasted corners to use with a sleek radiator is smart.

FAQs About Corner Radiators

What maintenance do corner radiators need?

Occasional cleaning by dusting and wiping down with gentle cleanser to prevent dirt build up. Check for leaks during annual heating system inspections.

Can any style radiator be installed in a corner?

No, standard wall radiators are too large for most corners. Corner radiators are specifically engineered to fit tight spaces.

Do corner radiators provide enough heat?

Yes, when properly sized for the room, corner radiators provide ample heating from their strategic position.

Should I hire a professional to install a corner radiator?

In most cases, no. Basic DIY skills are sufficient for typical corner radiator installations. But for complex set-ups, a heating pro can help.

Can I put furniture in front of a corner radiator?

It’s best not to block the radiant heat. But items like open bookcases or plant stands can sit adjacent as long as airflow is unobstructed.


  • Corner radiators maximize heating efficiency and preserve floor space by utilizing corners.
  • A variety of compact styles like triangular and wedge fit perfectly into room corners.
  • Carefully calculate required heating capacity based on room size and heat loss.
  • DIY installation is straightforward with the right planning and tools.
  • Stylish corner radiators complement room decors while saving space.

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