Designer radiators come in all shapes and sizes but the commonly overlooked, but often very needed, shape is that lush, long and low shape of the horizontal radiator.


They might not always be quite as extravagant as some of the tall features we love to work with here at DRS, but our horizontal radiators sure are good looking as well as practical for the kitchen, hall bedroom and living room.


Join us today to find out why you might be better with a horizontal designer radiator.




Certain designer radiator styles look tremendous when positioned horizontally, and even outshine their tall, upright counterparts. Styles like the Zehnder Charleston are the quintessential traditional addition to classic décor, making the difference between deflated design and interior inspiration.


When you have open space under a window, along a wide wall, in the hall way or even in the curve of a bay, horizontal radiators open up the possibilities where a vertical feature just wouldn’t cut the mustard.


Speaking of bay windows, they are very often angled or curved, and the Zehnder Charleston can be custom made to fit into the shape of your bay, which solves about a million planning/heating/décor problems at once.



Horizontal radiators can be both practical and beautiful, fulfilling your need to express your individual tastes while not looking over the top if you have them throughout the home (like a house full of vertical radiators might).


The horizontal radiators that we have on show here at our Lancashire showroom and on our website the Designer Radiator Showroom, are all from trusted manufacturers with decades (and when combined, centuries) of experience of manufacturing designer radiators with everyday application.



Models like the DQ Cove Horizontal, which is available in both single and double variations, is flexible enough to sufficiently heat the smallest and even the largest of spaces while boasting an eye catching design to satisfy you and your guests alike.


For more information about the lovely horizontal radiators we offer here at DRS, or about all things heating related, you should certainly give us a call on 01257 442911 or reach us at [email protected]