The modern kitchen is becoming more and more extravagant, bespoke and fabulous. If you are considering a new kitchen your price range could take swings from the thousands into the tens of thousands very quickly


Space in the kitchen comes at a premium. No longer will long, boring radiators take up all of that valuable cabinet real estate. Designer radiators for the kitchen allow you conserve valuable room for ovens and appliances by standing tall and proud, to be shown off not tucked away.


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Designer radiators are changing the landscape of the kitchen by saving space, adding a whole new feature to a kitchen and even a little bit of functionality by giving you an extra gorgeous place to hang your tea-towels.


The Aeon Clipper – A cutting edge radiator design!

The daring kitchen radiators of today are unapologetic about their flamboyance, and are so transformative to the look and feel of a kitchen that it matters not whether the radiator is an after-thought or planned to be included right from the start. The Aeon Clipper is a perfect example of how originality can create stunning visual effects while still offering practical application.



Radiators like the DQ Vulcano and the DQ Vela both take differing design approaches into the kitchen. The Vulcano is subtle, rounded and ideal for a softer kitchen. While the Vela takes a hard-line design approach and opts for sharp edges and modern lines, as well as boasting optional towel rails to bring flexibility to its lovely clean design.


Left: DQ Vulcano, Right: DQ Vela with two optional towel rails


These two approaches are highly effective in separating your kitchen from everyone else’s, and while the Aeon Clipper more closely resembles the clean-cut lines the DQ Vela, the Bisque Tetro shown just below shares more with the DQ Vulcano.


The soft and extradinarily high quality Bisque Tetro. This aluminium beauty stands up to even the closest inspection.


Taking its inspiration from Bisque’s own Classic radiator, the Tetro is an aluminium column radiator with a soft texture and a raised bay leaf insignia cast into the upper corners of each section. The Tetro is a superb kitchen radiator for both the modern and traditional home, and with its towel rail accessories it combining exceptional form with delightful aesthetics.


Have a look at the Tetro right >>HERE<<


The Bisque Classic is still just as splendid in the kitchen, and that can be seen also just >>HERE<<


The Bisque Classic… is a classic. The very first radiator design updated creatively to exceed modern design standards.


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