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What Are Mirrored Radiators?

Looking for a radiator that not only provides efficient heating but also makes a stylish statement in your home? Mirrored radiators are the ideal multifunctional heating solution that adds a beautiful, contemporary touch wherever used. Keep reading to learn all about these unique designer radiators and why they are becoming a top choice among savvy homeowners and interior designers.

Aeon Panacea Mirror
Aeon Panacea Mirror Radiator

Mirrored radiators are sleek, stylish radiators made of premium polished stainless steel and fitted with a full-length mirror panel across the front. They provide the steady ambient heating you expect from a traditional radiator, with the added benefits that a mirror provides.

Mirrored radiators essentially transform an ordinary radiator into a multifunctional heating solution and decorative focal point in any room. As you enjoy the radiator’s gentle warmth, the integrated mirror expands the visual space and reflect natural light to create a brighter, airier room.

Key Benefits of Mirrored Radiators

There are many great reasons to consider installing mirrored radiators instead of plain old radiators:

  • Two functions in one – Mirrored radiators act as both a heating source and a full-length mirror saving space.
  • Brightens rooms – The mirror reflects light around the room and makes spaces feel more open and airy.
  • Stylish focal point – With sleek stainless steel finishes, they become an elegant focal decor piece.
  • Expands spaces – Radiators with mirrors give the illusion of a larger room.
  • Customizable sizes – Choose the perfect size based on your room dimensions and heating needs.
  • Contemporary elegance – Sleek mirrored radiators match modern and contemporary interior design styles.
  • Energy efficient – Newer models offer improved energy efficiency compared to old outdated radiators.

For both form and function, mirrored radiators outshine traditional models in every way!

Customizable Options

One of the best features of mirrored radiators is the wide range of customizable options available to perfectly match your space:


Mirrored radiators come in many standard sizes and can also be ordered in made-to-measure custom dimensions.

  • Lengths range from 400mm up to 3000mm long.
  • Heights up to 2000mm are available.
  • Depth dimensions range from just 80mm up to 250mm.

This size versatility allows you to find the perfect proportions to fit along any wall and suit the dimensions of your room.


From horizontal to column to ladder designs, various mounting styles are available:

  • Horizontal styles work well mounted along the floor or above bathroom vanities.
  • Column designs provide a striking vertical element.
  • Curved shapes add a distinct flair.
  • Ladder styles offer open shelves for decoration display.

Finishes and Colours

Beyond classic polished stainless steel, many modern colours and finishes are available to align with your interior decors:

  • Polished chrome for a shiny mirrored effect
  • Matte black for a dramatic flair
  • Glossy white for a clean modern feel
  • Wood finishes like walnut or teak for organic warmth


Take mirrored radiators to the next level with handy accessories like:

  • Integrated storage cabinets or shelves
  • Attached towel warmers in bathrooms
  • Custom engravings or prints on the mirror

Why Choose Mirrored Radiators?

Mirrored Radiators

Here are the top reasons to consider installing mirrored radiators as part of your home heating strategy:

Maximize Space Visually

The mirrored front reflects light and makes any room look instantly brighter and more spacious. Mirrored radiators are especially effective to enlarge the feel of small rooms or hallways.

Contemporary Style

Mirrored stainless steel radiators align perfectly with modern, minimalist decor trends. Their sleek elegance enhances the style of any interior.


In one unit you get an efficient and adjustable heat source combined with a useful mirror for checking your appearance.

Natural Light Reflection

Strategically placing mirrored radiators to reflect windows and catch natural light takes brightness to the next level.

Versatile Sizing

With made-to-measure sizing, mirrored radiators work in small or large rooms, with various heating requirements.

Luxurious Touches

Premium material finishes like real wood veneers or engraved designs take mirrored radiators to luxurious new heights.

How Much Do Mirrored Radiators Cost?

The cost of installing a mirrored radiator depends on the:

  • Dimensions – Larger radiators cost more than smaller ones naturally.
  • Materials and finishes – Stainless steel models are the most affordable starting around £165. More premium finishes like wood or custom prints raise the price.
  • Heat output – More BTUs mean higher costs. Standard outputs average from 1000 up to 4000 BTUs.
  • Labour for install – This averages £150-£250 unless you DIY. Copper piping, valves and adapters will be needed.

To balance style and savings, select standard dimensions and finishes but customize heat output for each room. This chart compares sample costs for installing different BTU mirrored radiators:

BTUsAverage Cost

How Much Heat Do You Need?

To decide which BTU output to choose, assess the heating needs of each room using our handy BTU/Watt Calculator:

  • Measure room size (length x width x height)
  • Determine insulation level (well insulated, average, or poorly insulated)
  • Identify number of exterior walls
  • Enter your climate/location
  • Input window square footage

The calculator considers these factors to suggest the BTU or Watts needed for adequate heating.

“Right-sizing your mirrored radiators using accurate BTU calculations ensures rooms are heated effectively without overspending.”

Why Choose Us As Your Supplier?

When you’re ready to order, be assured you’re getting the very best quality and service by choosing our company. Here’s why:

  • All sizes/finishes – We offer the widest selection of mirrored radiator sizes, styles and finishes to suit any space.
  • Made-to-measure – Don’t see what you need? We’ll create fully custom radiators for your exact specifications.
  • Quality– We’ll match any competitor’s quality for the same product.
  • Expert support – Our heating specialists help you choose the perfect solution.
  • Premium products – Our radiators use best-in-class materials from leading European suppliers.
  • Fast dispatch – Orders ship within 3-5 days for prompt delivery.
  • Free UK delivery – Receive your order at no charge (limited time offer).
  • Easy returns – Items can be returned up to 30 days following our simple process.
  • Sign In / Register for trade member discounts if you’re a trade professional.

Ready to experience the wonders of mirrored radiators? Browse our collection today and let us help you find your perfect fit!

Additionally, professional installation may be necessary to maintain the product’s warranty. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult with experts and not attempt to install the product yourself unless you are qualified to do so.

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