Today, we at the Designer Radiator Showroom have tens of thousands of designer radiators which are wonderful, modern features of heating right at our fingertips. We can celebrate hundreds of unique designs which encapsulate what it is to live now in the modern age.


There are few design sins more grave than standing still while all the world progresses and leaves you behind, and if you will join us for today’s DRS blog, we’re going to walk you through some of the most eye-catching modern radiators to thrust your style into the future and shore up your interior design defences.




We are not for a minute suggesting you should slap any old radiator from the 21st century into your home and call it a day. At DRS we tailor our radiators to your dreams, and by the time we’re done with you you’ll be just as inspired as we are.


The secret is excitement. The secret is a radiator which captures both your imagination and the ambience of your home. Nothing else matters: Practicality, expense, waiting times; none of this matter when it comes to achieving your dreams with a modern radiator.


A new radiator with new décor must be romantic. If there isn’t a deep feeling of inspiration and impulsiveness then what have you really achieved other than a few licks of paint and a bit of new furniture? Our passion is your passion, and we encourage you to fall in love with a modern radiator like yours truly has become smitten with the soft, dreamlike quality of the Vogue Quilt.



Thanks to our enormous range you can let give your mind a break and let your gut do all of the work. Perfect modern radiator features like the Aeon Sesriem will jump out at you, and if you are browsing the range and not feeling stimulated, please get it touch with us and allow our inspired team to go to the lengths they do to find you what you just the thing.


We have the very cutting edge of modern radiators available to see here in our Lancashire showroom (over 160 radiators!), from exceptional designer radiator brands like Aeon, Paladin, DQ Heating, Zehnder, Reina, Kermi as well as Bisque, who are the creators of a rounded beauty named the Bisque Trubi.


What’s more, we have TENS of THOUSANDS of products available on our website, Designer Radiator Showroom, so we have the expertise and modern radiator selection to get you just as excited as we are.


Visit our website and start living your dreams today!