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When it comes to home heating, having an efficient and stylish radiator is key. Radiator Kleo offers some of the best designer radiators in the UK, featuring modern and elegant looks to complement any interior. In this lengthy blog post, we’ll take an in-depth look at Radiator Kleo and the benefits of their products.

Overview of Radiator Kleo

Radiator Kleo is a company based in the UK that specializes in providing modern and designer radiators. They offer a wide selection of radiators in different styles, sizes, colours, and finishes to suit any space.

Some of the key things that set Radiator Kleo apart include:

  • High quality materials like aluminium and steel for durability and performance
  • Sleek and minimalist designs featuring straight lines and neutral colours
  • Customization options available to get the perfect fit and look
  • Energy efficient radiators that quickly heat up rooms
  • Excellent customer service and support throughout the purchase process

Radiator Kleo first launched in 2005 and has since become a leading supplier of innovative radiators in the UK. Their experienced team has a real passion for creating and delivering top-notch heating solutions.

The company offers an extensive online catalogue of radiator designs sourced from premium European manufacturers. Their radiators are crafted to the highest quality standards. With advanced production methods and strict quality control, Radiator Kleo ensures each radiator meets efficiency and longevity benchmarks.

They are constantly updating their collections to provide the latest styles and technologies. From modern column radiators to designer chrome models, you can find stylish radiators for bathrooms, kitchens, bedrooms and more.

Benefits of Radiator Kleo Designer Radiators

There are many benefits to using Radiator Kleo’s designer radiators in your home:

Aesthetically Pleasing

Radiator Kleo radiators feature stylish, contemporary designs that act as statement pieces in any room. Their minimalist look makes them an elegant focal point without being unsightly or intrusive. The neutral color palettes and straight line designs blend seamlessly into both modern and traditional decor.

The clean lines and polished finish of Radiator Kleo radiators allow them to complement your existing interior design rather than look out of place. Beyond their good looks, impressive heating abilities also make them a practical addition.

Effective Heating Performance

While beautiful to look at, Radiator Kleo radiators also provide excellent heating functionality. The aluminium and steel construction quickly heats up and emits warmth efficiently due to the conductive properties. The ample surface area of the radiators means they can heat up medium to large rooms with ease.

Radiator Kleo uses quality materials that make their radiators heat up 30% quicker than some cast iron models. The lightweight aluminium effectively draws and retains heat while responding rapidly to temperature changes. This leads to a comfortable warmth without excessive drying of the air.

Energy Efficient

Due to the materials and build quality, Radiator Kleo radiators are energy efficient, which saves money on energy bills in the long run. Their lightweight aluminum makes them quicker to heat up while retaining heat for longer vs traditional cast iron radiators.

By keeping warmth in the room longer, Radiator Kleo radiators don’t have to work as hard as other less efficient models. Their improved thermal conductivity results in lower energy consumption. This increased energy efficiency makes them an eco-friendly choice.

Customizable Options

One of the best things about Radiator Kleo is the ability to customize the radiator to your exact specifications. This includes sizing, colors, finishes, connections and more. You can get a radiator made precisely for your space.

An expert team is ready to help you achieve the perfect fit. For awkward alcoves or to align with a specific wall, you can order your Radiator Kleo radiator to bespoke measurements. This level of customization ensures heating perfection.

Reliable Support

Radiator Kleo has helpful customer service available to guide you through the entire purchase and installation process. Their expertise ensures you get the right solution for your needs.

From assisting with technical specifications to troubleshooting any issues, Radiator Kleo’s support team aims to make things hassle-free. You get complete confidence that comes from dealing with radiator specialists.

Radiator Kleo Products

Radiator Kleo has an extensive product range with different classifications. Here are some of their best selling designer radiators:

Column Radiators

These vertical column radiators are both functional and visually striking. Available in singles, doubles, and triples, they contain columns of evenly spaced aluminum fins. They come in heights up to 1500mm.

modern column radiator
modern column radiator

Column radiators provide an elegant statement in any room with their tall, slim profiles. The columns allow good airflow which improves heat distribution. Vertical models are ideal where wall space is limited.

Panel Radiators

These slim, streamlined radiators are perfect when wall space is limited. Panel radiators have a smooth flat surface and come in single or double panel options. Different heights and lengths are available.

Reina Flat Horizontal (Double Panel Option Shown)

The thin rectangular shape of panel radiators lets them fit discreetly in any setting. They can be positioned below windows or mounted vertically as a space-saving solution. Available with or without side panels.

Compact Radiators

For small spaces like bathrooms, Radiator Kleo offers compact radiators in horizontal or vertical orientations. These pack heating power into a smaller footprint.


Compact radiators provide targeted warmth for areas where size is a constraint. Horizontal and vertical models suit tight spots or small rooms.

Electric Radiators

For homes without central heating, Radiator Kleo has electric designer radiators available. These stylish electric models provide targeted heating using electricity.

Electric Radiator

Electric radiators from Radiator Kleo offer modern aesthetics with the flexibility of electric operation. Different wattages cater to all heating requirements.

Towel Radiators

Radiator Kleo has a range of electric or hydronic towel radiators that gently warm towels while adding a sleek contemporary look to your bathroom.

Towel-Rail Radiator
Towel-Rail Radiator

Towel radiators ensure cozy warm towels while freeing up space on traditional towel rails. They function as stylish heaters too.

Chrome Radiators

For a touch of luxury, Radiator Kleo offers chrome designer radiators. These premium models come in polished chrome or satin finishes.

Chrome Radiator
Chrome Radiator

Chrome radiators add glamor and reflect light beautifully. Satin chrome gives a sophisticated tone. Polished chrome provides a bright mirror finish.

Stainless Steel Radiators

If you prefer an industrial chic look, Radiator Kleo has stainless steel radiators. Their brushed metal look integrates into modern decor.

Reina Sorento Stainless Steel Radiator
Reina Sorento Stainless Steel Radiator

Stainless steel radiators deliver understated elegance. Brushed and polished finishes are available to suit different aesthetics. Robust build quality.

Here are some of the most popular designer radiators from Radiator Kleo:

  • Linear Horizontal – With a classic horizontal form, these suit traditional decor. Available in over 50 sizes.
  • Column Vertical – For a contemporary edge, vertical column radiators feature sleek lines. Different heights up to 1800mm.
  • Mirror Radiators – Integrated mirrors on some models act as functional decor pieces. Available in horizontal or vertical orientation.
  • Ultra Slim – Super thin panel radiators provide discreet heating without bulk. As slim as 89mm.
  • Dual Fuel – These can run on water or electricity, making them highly versatile. Great for multifuel systems.
  • Curved Radiators – For a soft organic look, curved radiator models seamlessly fit alcoves. Customizable dimensions.

Buying Guide

When shopping for a Radiator Kleo radiator, keep the following tips in mind:

  • Measure your space carefully including radiator positions. This allows proper sizing.
  • Determine the heat output needed based on room size, insulation, single/double glazing etc.
  • Consider the style that fits your decor – vertical, horizontal, panel, chrome, electric etc.
  • Look at accessories like side panels, shelves, covers and valves.
  • Choose colors and finishes that complement your interior design.
  • Determine any custom sizing needs for tight fits or awkward spaces.
  • Make sure your heating system is compatible – central heating, electric, dual fuel etc.
  • Check warranties, returns policy and certifications like CE marking.

Purchasing and Installation

Purchasing your Radiator Kleo designer radiator is simple. Browse the collections online and select the style, size, color and configuration you need. Use the sizing guide to pick the right BTU rating for each room.

Radiator Kleo makes it easy to visualize how different radiators would look in situ with their online visualizer tool. Simply upload a photo of your room and overlay different models to see which works best.

Ordering online is quick and secure on the Radiator Kleo website. Payment can be made via credit card, PayPal or bank transfer. Shipping is speedy with standard delivery within 2-7 working days.

Installation is also straightforward. Radiator Kleo provides comprehensive instructions and any necessary mounting hardware with each radiator. Most models include standard 1/2″ pipe connections to integrate with your current plumbing. Expert customer support is also available if needed.

Why Choose Radiator Kleo?

Here are some of the key reasons why Radiator Kleo is a top choice for modern and designer radiators in the UK:

Variety – They offer many styles and configurations from over 40 top European brands to match any interior. Lots of sizes, colors and finishes to choose from.

Quality – Durable, long-lasting materials backed by 5-year warranties. Quality assurance from ISO accredited factories.

Efficiency – Excellent heating performance helps lower energy bills. Meets and exceeds UK efficiency standards.

Value – Competitively priced for the quality and performance compared to other brands.

Service – Responsive and knowledgeable UK-based customer service team. Fast dispatch and delivery.

Convenience – Easy online ordering, sizing tools and visualizer. Straightforward installation.

Customization – Get your radiator tailored to bespoke sizes for a perfect fit.

Trustworthy – Established UK company with thousands of happy customers and excellent reviews.

So if you’re looking to upgrade your radiators to something sleek, efficient and effective, Radiator Kleo has lots of excellent options worth considering.

Radiator Sizing Guide

When choosing your radiator, getting the size right for your room is crucial for proper heating. Here is a handy sizing table as a guideline:

Room Size (sqm)Radiator Output (BTU)
Up to 5 sqm500 – 750
5 to 8 sqm750 – 1000
8 to 10 sqm1000 – 1250
10 to 12 sqm1250 – 1500
12 to 15 sqm1500 – 2000
15 to 20 sqm2000 – 2750
Over 20 sqm2750+

This table assumes standard insulation levels and 2.5m ceiling height. The higher the insulation and smaller the room, the lower the BTU rating needed. Consult Radiator Kleo’s experts for specific advice.

Cost Comparison

Here is a price comparison of standard Radiator Kleo models versus other common radiator types:

Radiator TypeAverage Price
Radiator Kleo Column Radiator (800mm x 600mm)£160
Traditional Cast Iron Double Panel Radiator (800mm x 600mm)£130
Standard White Single Panel Radiator (800mm x 600mm)£80
Electric Oil Filled Radiator (2500W)£120

While Radiator Kleo radiators come at a higher upfront cost than basic models, the energy savings and longevity make them worthwhile. With excellent materials and efficient heat conductivity, they heat up faster and retain warmth better, meaning your boiler doesn’t need to work as hard. Their 5-year warranty also makes them a reliable long-term investment.


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions about Radiator Kleo and their products:

Q: Do Radiator Kleo sell radiators in non-standard sizes?

A: Yes, custom and non-standard sized radiators can be ordered to fit your exact specifications.

Q: What delivery options are available?

A: Standard delivery is 2-7 working days via courier. Express 24-hour delivery is available for an added fee.

Q: What payment methods can be used?

A: Payments can be made by credit card, PayPal, bank transfer or finace options.

Q: Do I need any special tools to install a designer radiator?

A: No, standard DIY tools like a spanner are all that is needed alongside the supplied mounting brackets. No specialist tools required.

Q: How is the chrome finish achieved on chrome radiators?

A: The chrome is applied using a high-quality electroplating process to ensure an even, durable finish.

Q: What thermal fluids can Radiator Kleo products use?

A: They are compatible with standard water central heating systems as well as lower temperature systems.


For designer radiators that don’t compromise on aesthetics or performance, Radiator Kleo is an excellent choice. Their wide range of stylish, customizable radiators suit any interior while providing efficient and reliable heating.

With quality materials, energy efficiency, quick heat up times, and great customer service, Radiator Kleo delivers value and results. If you’re looking for modern radiators with advanced engineering and technology, Radiator Kleo should be at the top of your list. Their extensive collections and customization options make finding your perfect radiator straightforward

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