The Realm TRV set is the perfect accessory. Like a brand new Mercedes Benz, BMW or Audi, designer radiators are luxury products which fill you with satisfaction. You are treating yourself in style as a reward for your success. What you wouldn’t do while selecting your new high performance car is have it fitted with some big, tacky hub-caps.


Equitable to this is letting your plumber fit your stunning new designer radiator using their normal, unattractive stock. At DRS we believe in better, so join us today for a look at our main designer TRV and a chance to win 10% off your next DRS order!




The Realm TRV has a simple design. What it lacks in ornate detail it makes up for in clean, attractiveness and fantastic utility. It is available in 4 finishes:


  • Chrome – Lovely and shining, the Realm TRV set in Chrome is bright and matches very well with Chrome radiators, light fixtures, fittings and door handles – The standard choice
  • Satin Nickel – Modern and sleek, the Satin Nickel finish is a brush treated silver which is a little quieter than Chrome, but quite a bit more refined – If you can match this to your them then you’re onto a winner
  • Black Nickel – Visually similar to Chrome, just as reflective except with a very dark coloured nickel as a base, the Black Nickel finish has an almost oily visual quality, perfect to match with dark flooring, radiators and granite worktops
  • White – Exactly the same as the Chrome version, but with a long, white band around the TRV head’s middle section, coordinating it nicely with White radiators while still accentuating the Chrome features present near by



Function is the name of the game when it comes to valve shape, but appearance is a part of it too. For some designer radiators the pipework which your valves need to connect to is coming up from the floor, other times it’s coming out from the wall, and beyond that depending on the radiator design you might need to connect to the side or the underneath of it.


For all of these possible outcomes we have a valve to suit each case;

  • Angled – Perfect when you have floor pipework and side connections on your radiator
  • Straight – Perfect when you have floor pipework and underneath connection on your radiator
  • Corner – Perfect when you have wall pipework, and either side or underneath connections on your radiator




Our Realm TRVs are one size only and made to fit 15mm pipework, which is the standard in most homes today, however if you have an older property it can be common to find that you have 10mm or 8mm microbore pipework instead.


To fix this there is a neat accessory which discreetly fits into your valve named a Microbore Reducer. These constrict the size of the valve’s opening for the pipework to connect into, making it fit correctly without having to buy a specially sized valve.


If you do have either 10mm or 8mm pipework just specify in the notes which you have and if you have ordered valves with us at DRS we will include a set of Microbore Reducers with each valve set on your order.


See our full range of Realm TRV Valve Sets here today!