The Best Benefits and Heating Style of Column Radiators

Column Radiator

What are Column Radiators?

Column Radiators are a popular choice of heating system for contemporary homes and offices. But what exactly are they, and how do they work?

Column Radiators are panel-style radiators made from anthracite coal. Anthracite is a high density, high carbon coal that has excellent thermal conductivity and heat retention properties.

It has been used as a heating fuel for centuries, but more recently anthracite has been moulded into slim, lightweight radiator panels. The sleek grey finish of Column Radiators allows them to blend in discreetly with modern decors.

The smooth exterior conceals the interior heating system. Column Radiators contain narrow chambers and passages with maximum surface area. When connected to central heating, hot water or an electric current passes through the anthracite interior.

The anthracite rapidly absorbs the heat and retains it efficiently within its dense structure. Heat energy is then radiated back out steadily and uniformly into the room over time.

Vogue Serenade Designer Column Radiator
Vogue Serenade Designer Column Radiator

Benefits of Column Radiators

Column Radiators offer a range of benefits that make them a top choice for home and office heating systems:

Energy Efficient

The carbon content of anthracite enables Column Radiators to retain heat extremely well compared to other radiator materials like aluminium or steel.

They can heat up a room using considerably less energy than a conventional metal radiator. Over the course of a winter, an anthracite Column Radiator will lead to noticeably lower energy bills.

Their exceptional energy efficiency makes them an eco-friendly, sustainable heating solution. Homeowners can reduce their carbon footprint with the superior heat retention of Column Radiators.

Durable and Long Lasting

Anthracite is an extremely hardy material resistant to wear and tear. The solid anthracite panel construction means Column Radiators won’t rust, peel, or corrode over time.

With proper maintenance, a Column Radiator can realistically last for 20 years or longer in a home. Their durable build makes them a reliable long-term investment that will provide cosy warmth winter after winter.

Quick to Heat Up

Column Radiators avoid one of the most common complaints about heating systems – slow warm up times. Thanks to anthracite’s excellent thermal conductivity, these radiators will start efficiently warming a room within 30 minutes of being switched on.

The quick heat-up means no more shivering around waiting ages for the heating to kick in. Column Radiators quickly take the chill out of a room.

Cool Exterior

Safety around heating appliances is always an important consideration, especially in homes with children. Conventional metal radiators can become extremely hot to the touch, posing a significant burn risk.

Column Radiators stay uniformly cool on the outer surface even when running at maximum heat output. Accidental burns are not a concern with anthracite radiators.

Stylish, Discreet Design

With their slim profile and smooth grey finish, Column Radiators have an elegant, contemporary design. They can blend in subtly with any room’s decors.

Available in different styles like flat panel, curved, corner and vertical, there is a solution to suit any space. The aesthetic appeal makes Column Radiators an attractive design feature.

Quiet Operation

Column Radiators contain no moving parts, so they heat rooms silently without any noise disturbances. There is no clicking, clanking or whirring during operation.

The discreet, peaceful heating won’t interfere with conversations, TV watching or sleep. No need to crank up the volume to hear over radiator noise.

Low Maintenance

Once installed, Column Radiators require minimal servicing and maintenance to keep performing optimally. With no internal parts or liquids, there’s no need for tricky bleeding, pressure adjustment or leakage fixes.

Just an occasional wipe down with a damp cloth to remove dust is all that’s required to keep them looking good year after year.

How Do Column Radiators Work?

Column Radiators take advantage of a special property of anthracite coal – its excellent capacity for absorbing and retaining heat energy.

The interior structure contains many narrow chambers and passages to maximize surface area. When the central heating system sends hot water or an electric current through these passages, the anthracite rapidly draws in the heat.

The high density of anthracite allows it to capture and store large amounts of heat within its carbon structure. This thermal mass effect enables it to hold heat for long periods and release it steadily.

The anthracite then efficiently radiates the stored heat energy back out into the room over several hours. This radiant heating method allows Column Radiators to maintain cosy temperatures using minimal energy input.

Choosing the Right Column Radiators

Several factors should be considered when selecting an anthracite Column Radiator for your particular needs:

Heat Output

Firstly, match the radiator’s heat output capacity to the size of the room. Column Radiators come in heat outputs ranging from 300W for small rooms up to 1800W for larger open plan spaces. An undersized radiator will struggle to warm a room.

Electric or Hydronic

Column Radiators are available in electric versions or hydronic models designed for connection to hot water systems. Opt for electric if doing a new install, or hydronic if you have an existing gas boiler.


Position the Column Radiator strategically in line with cold air sources like external walls or drafty windows. This allows the rising warmth to form natural convection currents, countering heat loss through the cold surfaces.


Choose a model with built-in thermostatic control so you can precisely regulate the room’s temperature. Thermostats maintain comfort while preventing energy waste from overheating.


Check dimensions carefully – some Column Radiators can be ordered in extended lengths to accommodate larger spaces. Custom sizing ensures adequate heating capacity.


Select from vertical flat panel, curved front, corner or niche anthracite models depending on your decors and space requirements. Discreet grey finishes integrate easily into any colour scheme.

Safety Considerations

While Column Radiators are a generally safe heating option, some care should be taken particularly in homes with young children:

  • Mount at a safe height out of reach of kids
  • Avoid placing furniture too close to the radiator
  • Never cloth dry laundry directly on the radiator surface
  • Educate children on safe behaviour around heating appliances

Proper installation is also crucial. Hiring a qualified technician ensures the Column Radiator is correctly connected to utilities and mounted securely on brackets. Always consult the manufacturer’s instructions.


With their energy efficient heating, durable construction, rapid warm-up and sleek low profile designs, Column Radiators are an effective modern alternative to traditional bulky radiators.

Upgrading to anthracite Column Radiators enables you to enhance comfort and aesthetics while reducing energy costs this winter. Consult our wide selection of Column Radiators to find the perfect model for your space and heating needs.

Explore our best-selling radiators in the UK and choose one that fits your budget and requirements. Don’t settle for a subpar heating system and upgrade your home or business with the best selling radiators today. Your comfort, energy bills, and the environment will thank you.

It is crucial to seek guidance from the manufacturer and a certified professional for the installation process to ensure safety and compliance with all technical specifications and requirements. Proper installation is key to the optimal performance and longevity of the product.

Additionally, professional installation may be necessary to maintain the product’s warranty. Therefore, it is highly recommended to consult with experts and not attempt to install the product yourself unless you are qualified to do so.

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