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Vertical Black Radiator

The only way is up for many homes and offices across the UK as the use of vertical radiators in rooms is on the rise.

Vertical radiators are becoming increasingly popular in homes and offices across the UK. As space becomes more limited, especially in urban areas, vertical radiators provide an efficient heating solution while taking up less wall space than traditional horizontal radiators.

With sleek, modern designs and styles, vertical radiators not only save room but also make a stylish statement in any space. Let’s explore the benefits of choosing vertical radiators and what to consider when selecting them for your next project.

Height (mm)

One of the main advantages of vertical radiators is their height, which allows them to distribute heat more efficiently due to natural convection. Heat rises, so a vertical radiator’s shape enables the warm air to circulate the room properly.

Standard heights for vertical radiators range from 400mm to 3000mm, with many models around 1800mm high. Consider the height of your room when selecting a vertical radiator. It should be in proportion to the wall, while leaving some space at the top and bottom.

Width (mm)

While vertical radiator heights may vary, widths are typically narrower than horizontal radiators. Average widths range from 80mm to 500mm.

Choosing a vertical radiator width comes down to the dimensions of your wall and required heat output. Narrower models like 80-120mm widths are well-suited to small spaces like bathrooms. Wider radiators from 200-500mm provide greater heat output for larger rooms.

What is your Product Type?

When selecting a vertical radiator, consider the product type:

Vertical Designer Radiators – Offer sleek, contemporary styles crafted from premium materials like aluminium and stainless steel. Designer verticals make a stylish impact.

Vertical Column Radiators – Feature multiple vertical columns to provide heat. Available in understated styles to blend into any decors.

Vertical Flat Panel Radiators – Budget-friendly models with simple, streamlined designs. Ideal for minimalist spaces.

Vertical Double Panel Radiators – Two flat panels joined to provide increased heat output while maintaining a slimmer width. Perfect for narrow walls.

Choose your Look

Beyond product type, vertical radiators come in a wide variety of looks to match any interior design aesthetic:

  • Modern – Sleek and contemporary, often in polished chrome, stainless steel or aluminium. Perfect for a modern minimalist space.
  • Industrial – Raw metal finishes like matte black or unfinished steel. Ideal for urban lofts and industrial-chic interiors.
  • Classic – Understated designs in traditional materials like cast iron or decorative grills/columns for a period look.
  • High-Tech – Futuristic styles in glossy finishes and innovative materials like glass-coated steel. Bold and eye-catching.

For spaces where wall space comes at a premium, ultra slim radiators provide an efficient heating solution in a compact form factor. With their surprisingly slender dimensions, these modern radiators discreetly warm small rooms and tight spots.

Sleek and Compact: An Overview of Ultra Slim Radiators

The Benefits of Ultra Slim Radiators

Ultra slim radiator designs offer many advantages:

  • Take up less wall space with narrow widths under 100mm
  • Allow installation in confined areas and small rooms
  • Easy to mount on walls with limited clearance
  • Visually lightweight look suits modern minimalist décor
  • More affordable to buy and run than larger models
  • Many slim radiator models include towel warmers

Their modest proportions make ultra slim radiators perfect for apartments, bathrooms, offices and other compact areas.

Innovative Slimline Designs

Creative designs allow ultra slim radiators to provide ample heating despite their narrow dimensions:

  • Tall, vertical orientations promote heat convection
  • Multi-column and panel styles maximize surface area
  • Durable aluminium construction evenly conducts and emits warmth
  • Powder coated colours and polish finishes enhance heat radiation
  • Integrated top shelves and side panels add extra heating surfaces

Modern thin radiators may be compact, but they’re engineered for performance.

Stylish And Discreet Warming

In addition to being practical, many ultra slim radiator models also deliver attractive aesthetics:

  • Streamlined modern column designs add contemporary style
  • Minimalist looks complement modern decors and small spaces
  • Range of muted colours like black, white and grey available
  • Matte textured or glossy metallic finishes
  • Integrated chrome towel warmers on some models

With their understated looks, slim radiators provide discreet and stylish room heating.

Versatile For Any Compact Application

With their modest dimensions and designer styles, ultra slim radiators can transform the heating in all kinds of compact spaces:

  • Unobtrusively warm small flats and studio apartments
  • Install in the cramped confines of a bathroom
  • Mount beneath windows to provide localized heat
  • Hug walls in a narrow hallway or closet area
  • Position in the corner of a space-constrained room

Letting you heat efficiently even in tight spots, slim radiators open up new warming possibilities.

So for any confined area lacking floor space, a slim radiator can provide the thermal solution you need in a low profile form factor. With advanced contemporary designs that combine performance and aesthetics, ultra slim radiators offer versatile compact heating.

Select your Style

Vertical radiators come in an array of styles, from minimalist to ornate:

  • Single Column – One simple vertical column for discreet heating.
  • Double Column – Two columns joined side-by-side provide greater output.
  • Multiple Column – Three or more thin columns offer high heat emission in a condensed footprint.
  • Flat Panel – A basic flat upright panel in either sleek metal or more decorative cast iron.
  • Decorative Panel – Flat panel with added embellishments like grilles or carved patterns for visual interest.
  • Frame – A metal frame surrounds a series of vertical flat panels or columns inside. Offers a bolder look.

Single, Double or Triple?

Vertical radiators are available as single, double or triple panel models:

  • Single – One panel, ideally sized for smaller spaces like bathrooms.
  • Double – Two panels joined side-by-side. Doubles heat output without requiring more wall space.
  • Triple – Three connected panels for maximum heat emission. Ideal for larger rooms.

Panel Type

The panel type affects a vertical radiator’s heat output and style:

  • Standard – Basic flat panels provide economical heating.
  • Double – Two flat panels connected by welded fins increase the radiator’s surface area and BTU output.
  • Deluxe – Adding more welded fins between the panels further enhances heat emission without requiring more space.
  • Decorative – Intricate designs, grilles or recessed panels provide style while maintaining output.

Column Profile

Vertical column radiators feature columns in different shapes:

  • Round – Timeless and minimalist.
  • Square – Bold and geometric for modern interiors.
  • Rectangle – Offers a softer, sleeker look than square.
  • Oval – An elegant take on round columns.
  • Fluted – Columns with recessed vertical lines provide decorative detail.

What Colour?

From neutral whites to bold accent shades, vertical radiators come in a spectrum of colours:

  • White – Crisp and clean, white matches any decors. The most popular radiator colour.
  • Black – Striking and modern, black adds drama.
  • Silver – Polished aluminium or chrome has an eye-catching sheen.
  • Wood Effect – Realistic faux wood grain brings warmth.
  • Pastel – Soothing hues like blush pink or sage green for a soft look.
  • Bold – Vibrant red, yellow or dark blue make a colourful statement.

Which Finish?

The finish affects the aesthetic and durability:

  • Painted – Offered in any colour, painted finishes provide a smooth, even surface.
  • Polished – A mirror-like chrome or stainless steel finish adds shine. Shows fingerprints.
  • Brushed – A lightly textured, matte look in aluminium or steel is modern yet refined.
  • Lacquered – Glossy enamel lacquer creates a sleek, durable and scratch-resistant surface.
  • Powder Coated – Dry paint powder is applied for a smooth, chip-resistant finish.
  • Raw – Unfinished metals like natural steel or copper develop a patina over time. Industrial chic.

Need It Fast?

For those on a deadline, many top brands offer express shipping on their vertical radiator models to receive them in just days. Search for options with expedited delivery during checkout.


Vertical radiators are crafted from different materials with unique properties:

  • Aluminium – Lightweight yet durable, aluminium offers excellent heat conduction and a modern look.
  • Stainless Steel – Slightly heavier than aluminium but also highly conductive and corrosion resistant. Provides timeless style.
  • Mild Steel – Used for more affordable designs. Can develop surface rust over time so added finishes are important.
  • Cast Iron – Heavier material retains and emits heat slowly. Ideal for period homes. Can be painted any colour.
  • Copper – Naturally antibacterial, copper develops an attractive patina. Conducts and releases heat rapidly. A high-end option.


Reputable brands craft high quality vertical radiators built to last:

  • Myson – British engineering with innovative Thermo Line models and sleek Minimalist designs.
  • Hudson Reed – Leading UK brand offering sophisticated styles from traditional to ultra-modern.
  • Aestus – Precision engineered, slim vertical radiators made in Germany with 75 years of experience.
  • Jaga – Belgian brand pioneering small-format vertical radiator technology. Ultra efficient and discreet.
  • Stelrad – Trusted makers based in the UK, with quality vertical designs at competitive prices.


With so many options, it helps to browse by model range:

  • Nordic Oslo – Slim 2-column models, in heights up to 1800mm.
  • Trade Direct Nevo – Designer collection with sleek minimalist styles, unique integrated handles.
  • Trade Direct Saturn – Durable, affordable options with wide range of sizes.
  • Reina Neva – Premium aluminium models by Italian brand offering innovative technology.
  • Reina Vicari – statement-making single panels in contemporary finishes.
  • Reina Casina – Double panel model for increased output without wider sizes.

BTU (Δ50)

A vertical radiator’s heat output is measured in BTUs (British Thermal Units). Choosing the correct BTU rating ensures your room gets sufficient heating. Approximate BTU ranges:

  • Small bathroom: 500-1000 BTUs
  • Small to medium-sized bedroom: 800-2000 BTUs
  • Large bedroom or living room: 1500-4000 BTUs
  • Larger open concept room: 2500+ BTUs

Look for models with BTU ratings adjustable in 50 BTU increments for more precise heating.


Vertical radiator prices vary based on size, materials, brand and features. Approximate price ranges:

  • Budget: £100 – £250
  • Mid-Range: £250 – £500
  • Premium: £500 – £1000+

More advanced engineering, innovative technology and premium finishes increase cost, but deliver reliable, energy-efficient heating for years.

Pipe Centres (mm)

To integrate your new vertical radiator into the home heating system, models with adjustable pipe centre offer flexibility:

  • Standard pipe centre: 500mm
  • Adjustable range: 400-800mm

Adjustability makes installation easier, especially if replacing an old radiator. Avoid extensive plumbing modifications.

 Vertical Radiator
Vertical Radiator

Shop by Category

To simplify your vertical radiator search, most retailers categorize their selection by:

  • Style: Designer, column, flat panel, double panel
  • Height: 400-600mm, 800-1000mm, 1200-1500mm, 1800-2000mm
  • Colour/Finish: White, anthracite, chrome, stainless steel
  • Brand: Trade Direct, Nordic, Hudson Reed, Stelrad
  • Use: Bathroom, bedroom, living room, office
  • Feature: Timer models, towel warmers

Vertical Designer

Trade Direct Nevo – Available in heights 800, 1200, 1500mm. Black, white, anthracite finishes. Integrated handles.

Reina Neva – Clean aluminium in white, anthracite. Heights 1500-1900mm. Super slim at 31mm wide.

Reina Vicari – Stunning ribbed design in anthracite aluminium. 1800 or 2000mm heights. Modern statement piece.

Reina Casina – 1800mm double panel models with increased output. Anthracite and white finishes.

Vertical Column Radiators

Nordic Oslo – Understated 2-column style. Raw metal or white finish. Heights up to 1800mm. Great value.

Hudson Reed Linear – High quality stainless steel multi-column radiators. Floor-to-ceiling super slim 4-column option.

Stelrad Caliente – Paintable steel columns with classic grilles. Range of sizes from 400mm to 2000mm high.

Aestus SE – Precision engineered 5-column premium radiator. German design and technology for outstanding efficiency.

Vertical Flat Panel

Trade Direct Saturn – Durable epoxy coated steel flat panels. Multiple sizes 800-1500mm high. Black, white, anthracite finishes.

Supply and Fit Flat – Economical, easy to fit flat panel heating. Great for smaller rooms. 600mm height.

Jaga Easyl – Ultra efficient aluminium flat panel. Reaches comfort levels fast thanks to unique thermosiphons inside. Discreet.

Stelrad Compact with Style – Combines flat panel efficiency with decorative styling like curves or arched tops. Paintable.

Vertical Double Panel

Trade Direct Nevo Double – Double flat panels connected by fins increase heat output. 800mm high. Black, white, anthracite.

Jaga Mini – Award-winning small double panel design provides powerful output from just 100mm width.

Aestus Cosmo – German engineered double panel model just 165mm wide but outputs over 2000 BTUs.

Hydrolux double – Budget-friendly option with double panel in white or RAL colours. Great for small spaces.

Designer vertical radiator white

White is the most popular designer vertical radiator colour for its crisp, clean look. Popular white models include:

  • Trade Direct Nevo – Glossy white enamel, available in range of sizes.
  • Reina Neva – Smooth matte white finish, aluminium construction. Super slim.
  • Reina Vicari – Ribbed white aluminium model makes a statement.
  • Reina Casina – Sleek double panel in white. Increased heat output.

Designer vertical radiator black

For a dramatic modern look, black designer vertical radiators like:

  • Trade Direct Nevo – Black gloss enamel finish in multiple sizes.
  • Trade Direct Saturn – Epoxy coated flat panel in black. Durable and affordable.
  • Aestus One – Sleek powder coated black steel. Ultra slim square profile.

Add bold, contemporary style with a black designer vertical.

Designer vertical radiator anthracite

Anthracite designer verticals provide a lighter alternative to black:

  • Trade Direct Nevo – Anthracite gloss finish. 800 to 1500mm heights.
  • Reina Neva – Smooth anthracite aluminium. Pairs sleek style and efficiency.
  • Reina Casina – Double panel model offers discreet neutral style.

Anthracite’s grey tones work in any modern decors.

2 column vertical radiator

Two columns joined side-by-side provide better heat distribution than a single column, in a slimmer footprint than multiple columns.

Nordic Oslo – High quality 2 column radiator. Available in heights up to 1800mm. Excellent performance.

Hudson Reed Linear – Stainless steel 2 column model creates a contemporary wall feature with its floor-to-ceiling height.

Hydrolux Compact – Budget 2 column option. Shorter 400mm height ideal for smaller rooms.

Stelrad Vita – 2 column design with decorative curved grilles for a classic style. Paintable cast iron construction.

Raw metal lacquered radiator

Raw metal lacquered verticals have an industrial-chic look:

  • Nordic Oslo – Raw metal finish creates a modern, urban feel. Lacquered for durability.
  • Jaga Minos – Unfinished stainless steel develops a unique patina over time. Available in 1200mm height.
  • Aestus – Natural brushed aluminium finish highlights the metal’s grain. Fingerprint resistant.

Raw metal lacquered verticals add an authentic warehouse aesthetic.

Trade Direct Nevo radiator

One of the UK’s most popular vertical radiator brands, Trade Direct Nevo offers:

  • Sleek, minimalist looks with integrated handles and concealed wall brackets
  • Enamel gloss painted finishes in white, black and anthracite
  • Designer flat panel and space-saving double panel models
  • Range of sizes from 800mm to 1500mm high
  • Excellent heat output thanks to quality steel construction
  • Quick delivery direct from UK warehouses

Trade Direct Saturn radiator

Trade Direct Saturn vertical radiators provide quality and value:

  • Durable epoxy coated steel resists scratches and rust
  • Flat panel design available in black, white and anthracite
  • Range of sizes from 800mm to 1500mm high
  • Suitable for bathrooms, bedrooms, kitchens and more
  • 5 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Easy to install and mount on the wall
  • Affordably priced

Nordic Oslo radiator

Nordic Oslo 2-column vertical radiators feature:

  • Understated, minimalist style
  • Available in heights up to 1800mm
  • Stunning real metal finish or fresh white
  • Excellent heat output thanks to aluminium construction
  • Concealed wall brackets for clean look
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty
  • Designed in Norway

Reina Neva radiator

Reina Neva designer vertical radiators deliver innovative Italian engineering:

  • Premium quality aluminium construction
  • Ultra slim widths – just 236mm wide
  • Smooth matte powder coated finishes in white and anthracite grey
  • Available in 1500mm and 1800mm heights
  • Unique temperature regulation technology
  • 10 year manufacturer’s warranty

Sleek style meets outstanding efficiency.

Reina Vicari radiator

Reina Vicari makes a stunning style statement:

  • Luxurious single panel ribbed design
  • Crafted from high grade aluminium
  • statement-making in any modern space
  • Available in 1800mm & 2000mm heights
  • Cutting-edge thermal technology
  • Super quick heat up time
  • Available in white and anthracite
  • 15 year manufacturer’s warranty

A showstopping centre piece for contemporary interiors.

Reina Casina radiator

Reina Casina vertical double panel radiators feature:

  • Two flat panels connected by fins
  • Increased heat output without requiring more space
  • Available in 1800mm height
  • Premium quality aluminium construction
  • Smooth matte powder coated finish in white and anthracite
  • Integrated valve and air vent
  • 15 year manufacturer’s warranty

Discreet neutral style with excellent performance

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