Our mission here at the Designer Radiator Showroom is to provide the easiest and most enjoyable showroom and website experience we possibly can. We covered our wonderful showroom in another recent blog, but today we’re giving you the guided tour of our truly exceptional website!

The sleekest site for the sleekest designer radiators!



When you are not sure what you want (and even if you are sure) who doesn’t look in the easiest place where you have the best chance of finding what you want? The Designer Radiator Showroom is by far the easiest place, even if you don’t choose to speak with any of our knowledgeable and helpful staff, our website is a cut above in helping you find what you want; what you need; what you couldn’t even dream of before you came to us!

The exciting the sweet Aoen Honeycomb could Bee our favourite radiator!


No point in making things hard for yourself, with DRS you have every cutting edge designer radiator right at your fingertips along with all of the old designer favourites and traditional radiator hallmarks. We stock thousands of different finishes and sizes, and bespoke manufacture hundreds of thousands of individual sizes and colours, all so that you can find exactly what you want.



The DRS website has been designed specifically to make it as easily as possible for you to find not only what you need, but to give you the peace of mind you should have once you have purchased a product so desirable. We can help you confirm that you are getting the right amount of heat for your room with our handy BTU Calculator, and if you haven’t already picked your radiator we can narrow it down to just the models which have the right heat output.

Knowing your requirements is important; don’t get caught out in the colder months!


We can narrow down our enormous range by price, by height or width and even just by the manufacturer if you’re a big fan of the quality of a certain brand! More than this we have a wonderful glossary if you are unsure about any terms, and tremendously helpful guides for knowing which valves to buy, how to make sense of BTUs and heat outputs and more!


We have worked hard to ensure that you have everything you need, but if you have a question for us and would like a little further information or help, please feel free to contact us via email at [email protected] or reach us on our helpline on 01257 452879