Top 10 Best Radiator Brands in the UK Now!

Elite Radiator Brands in the UK for 2024: Top Selection Reviewed

Investing in an efficient, long-lasting radiator can make a huge difference to the comfort and running costs of your property. With so many brands and models on offer, deciding on the right solution can feel overwhelming.

This guide profiles the top 10 radiator manufacturers on the UK market. We break down costs, heat outputs and key features to help you select the perfect fit for your needs and budget. Read on for our ranking of brands offering the best value, reliability and performance.

Explore the best radiator brands of 2024 with our expert reviews Get insights on durability efficiency and value to make an informed decision for your heating solutions

Quick Comparison Table

BrandAvg. Price FromWarrantyEfficiencyStyle Variety
Rads 2 Rails£250 –5 yearsA+Great Core Range
Zehnder£400-5 yearsA / BVaried designs and finishes
Vogue£350 – 5+ yearsC / DLuxurious designs
Terma£350 – 5 yearsA / BDesigner contemporary looks
Reina£200 – 5 yearsACost effective designs
Paladin£4003 yearsBLuxury classic designs
Eskimo£500 – 5 yearsA/BAmazing contemporary feel
DRS Radiators£200 – 5 yearsA / BHuge range of designs
DQ Heating£300 –5 yearsB / CReliable & customisable
Carisa & AEON£400 – 5 yearsA+Premium efficiency
Top 10 Best Radiator Brands – prices are a guide only.

What to Consider When Choosing Radiators

There are four key factors to weigh up when deciding between radiator brands:

  • Efficiency – This is crucial for minimizing energy usage and bills. Look for A, A+ or high BTU outputs.
  • Cost – Set a budget and compare pricing across brands offering the features you need.
  • Reliability – Leading names provide 5-10 year warranties. Consider materials too.
  • Styles – Ensure the size, shape and finish complements your interiors.

Getting the balance right between these elements is vital. Next we explore how the top 10 brands compare across all criteria.

1. DQ – Best Overall

Our #1 choice, Explore the impressive selection of designer radiators at DQ, featuring everything from classic multi-column and cast iron designs to modern, lightweight aluminium and sleek steel options.


Thanks to precision engineering, DQ achieve some of the highest efficiency ratings and BTU outputs per square metre. Their Vulcano and Cube ranges also heat small spaces rapidly.


From tall, vertical models to traditional aesthetic to contemporary minimal – DQ truly offer endless size, configuration and finish options.


While premium collections fetch higher prices, DQ radiators start at just £150. Bulk orders and regular sales help keep costs highly competitive too.


An industry leading 5 year manufacturing defect warranty provides real peace of mind on your investment.

Our Top Model

  • The DQ Modus is our absolute favourite DQ radiator! Available in a huge range of sizes and finishes and virtually limitless choice in their Made to Measure range, this radiator will shine anywhere.

2. Zehnder Radiators- Most Stylish Performers

For homeowners seeking high visual impact combined with reliable heating delivery, Zehnder should rank highly on your list.


Most models achieve A or B ratings. Carefully match sizing to room dimensions for optimal performance – their technically geared conducts heat faster than decorative pieces.

**Styles **

Zehnder, Our credibility stems from a combination of compelling design and pioneering innovation. Our products encapsulate a central ethos that seamlessly weaves together elements of style, functionality, and advanced technology.


As a premium brand, expect prices between £600 up to £6000+ for larger designer models.


A 5 year guarantee provides reliable after-sales support.

Our Top Model

  • Zehnder Charleston- An elegant timeless built loved by traditional and contemporary homes alike. From £400.00.

3. Vogue Radiators-With premium touches and impressive value

Since its inception in 1990, Vogue UK has been crafting towel rails and designer radiators, amassing a vast collection of designs. This experience allows the company to provide a tailored service, perfect for those seeking to recreate a genuine period aesthetic or align with an existing design theme. Our customized service is dedicated to bringing your vision to life, exactly as you envision it.


Most Vogue Radiators-radiators achieve average A or B ratings.


Focusing on price over visual flair, Vogue Radiators- offer in various sizes straightforward horizonal, column designs and towel rails .


Costs vary depending on model, but expect to spend around £250-350 on average per radiator.


A 5 year guarantee for most models provides peace of mind given the high spec. Some Vogue models have an astounding 15 or 25 year guarantee!

Our Top Model

  • Vogue Focus Vertical Towel Radiator – An affordable and effective column style solution. From £129.00.

4. Terma – Most Stylish Premium Brand

Terma embodies the worlds of designer interior fashion and heating functionality. Contemporary creations merge elegance with advanced thermal performance.

Radiators: A Legacy of Innovative Design and Superior Engineering For more than three decades, Terma has been at the forefront of crafting designer radiators.


Most models achieve A or B energy efficiency ratings. Select steel for maximum heat conduction or rapid aluminium warming.


Few brands offer such a wealth of sleek modern steel designs – from softly rounded profiles to gorgeous polished chrome finishes. Various shapes and sizes available.


As an aspirational brand, costs range from £250 up to £3,500+ for high end bespoke creations. The stunning aesthetics make this price tag worthwhile for most buyers.


A 5-10 year guarantee provides real peace of mind given the premium pricing.

Our Top Model

  • Terma Hex Vertical– Beautifully built with integrated towel warming space. From £513.00

5. Reina- Best Looking Mid-Range Models

Hitting a pleasing middle-ground, Reina supply thoughtfully designed contemporary and classic steel radiators between £100-£600.


Precision engineered for high conductivity and heat emission, most Reina radiators achieve A ratings.


While range sizes can’t compete with market leaders, Reina thoughtfully craft clean lined modern to elegantly traditional solutions spanning various dimensions.


As a small bespoke producer, Reina position models from £250 up to around £600 for larger statement designs. Expect premium quality at mid market pricing.


All Reina radiators come with a 5 year defect warranty.

Our Top Model

  • Reina Colona – A beautifully crafted vertical column built merging classic and contemporary cues. From £135.

6. Paladin – One of the Best

Paladin Radiators – The Pinnacle of Home Heating
For over 35 years, Paladin Radiators have been trusted by homeowners across the UK for their superior quality and efficiency. As Britain’s top selling radiator brand

Traditional cast iron builds with average heat outputs earn most models B efficiency ratings. Sizing correctly remains important for best performance.


Paladin delivers leading edge engineering to create the ultimate heating solutions for UK homes.


The elegant Paladin Kensington cast iron radiator seamlessly integrates into any historical décor, providing impressive economic heat efficiency. It adds a touch of classic grace and serves as a stunning addition to any room in your home. From £211.00


A 3 year warranty provides adequate protection given the smaller price tags.

Our Top Model

  • Paladin Kensington Cast Iron Radiator – Simple, no frills vertical built at one of the lowest prices around £211.00

7. Eskimo Designed by a world class team of designers

Born and bred in North London in the Spring of 2001, designed by a world class team of designers and engineers in a Bristol Studio and manufactured by a highly skilled and experienced construction team at the Eskimo factory in Birmingham, this luxury designer radiator brand is truly the best of British.


These style superheroes might be a bit tongue in cheek but their mission is important, bringing style and function to the homes of many. Eskimo are innovators.


While the approach of these style superheroes might be somewhat playful, their purpose is significant: to blend style with practicality in numerous homes. Eskimo stands out as pioneers in this field.


From just £265 for smaller Eskimo Column Radiators that deliver impressive value without compromising on quality.


A 5 year defect warranty rightly surpasses many rivals.

Our Top Model

  • Eskimo Outline Gong Vertical From £1500.

8. DRS Radiators

Direct from Designer Radiator Showroom, the DRS collection is our very own designer radiator range, featuring everything from soft rounded designs, to straight edged designs inspired by cubism; radiators made from steel, aluminium, stainless steel; designs which fit tastefully into the kitchen, sit quietly in the background in the bedroom, keep your towels cosy in the wet-room, or make a big impression in the living room.

Efficiency & Styles

We take pride in offering a diverse array of styles and designs that cater to every room in any home. Whether it’s ultra-modern and sleek or classic, period aesthetics, our collection is designed to suit a variety of tastes.


Budget to high end pricing reflects the advanced engineering involved. Expect to pay between £100-£500+.


A 5 year comprehensive cover rightly provides peace of mind.

Our Top Model



Taking the designer radiator world by storm, Carisa is the beautiful combination of design, technology and innovation that allows them to dominate in their field.


Optimized fin lengths, welding spots and waterways enable the highest heat outputs and A+ energy ratings across the sector.


Carisa focus investment on engineering over aesthetic niceties. Understated designs still exude refined quality to match performance.


Priced between £291-£600+, costs directly reflect premium materials and construction involved.


A 5 year guarantee provides further peace of mind.

Our Top Model

10. AEON The Best of the Best

The word ‘Aeon’ alludes to an eternal divine being, drawing on the romantic stimulus of a beauty which is deific and everlasting. This name is fitting for Aeon and their inspiration to create radiators of perfection, from stainless steel; radiators which are sights to behold, exquisite products which last forever.

Efficiency & Styles

Aeon’s esteemed designers draw inspiration from a vast array of historical themes and concepts. Their influences range from the opulent magnificence of the Renaissance era to the crisp contours of


Priced between £350-£4600+, costs directly reflect premium materials and construction involved.


Efficiency & Output Comparison

To understand real world differences, see how heat outputs (BTUs) vary by size across the top brands:

Brandrad. SizeBTUs
AEON500 x 600mm2341
Carisa500 x 600mm2583
DQ Heating 500 x 600mm1936
DRS Radiators500 x 600mm2450
Eskimo500 x 600mm3850
Just a Sample of BTU output

While more premium radiators achieve far higher outputs, also balance requirements against room sizes and your budget.

Choosing Radiators By Room

Each area needs tailored solutions – here are our recommendations:

Living Rooms – Focus on high heat outputs from substantial column or horizontal steel radiators.

Bedrooms – Compact or fast heating models ensure cosy warmth without waste.

Bathrooms – Opt for electric or dual fuel radiators to provide heat when rooms are unoccupied.

Hallways – Vertical column designs suit narrow spaces.

Additional Running Costs

Whichever brand you choose, maximize savings by:

  • Installing thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs)
  • Using programmable timers and smart settings
  • Turning off radiators in unused rooms
  • Setting water temperature only as high as needed
  • Bleeding radiators to avoid system glugs and gurgles
  • Adding reflective foil behind models on external walls

See our energy saving tips in the FAQs below.

Upgrade Your Home’s Comfort with our best Radiators

Invest in long-lasting warmth and energy savings with our top-selling, affordable radiators. We offer reliable models to fit any budget and heating needs – no more cold spots or high bills.

Contact our team today to find the perfect, energy-efficient radiator solution. We’ll ensure you get the right size, output and features to maximize savings and comfort this winter and for years to come.


What radiator material is most efficient?

Steel emits heat most effectively thanks to wide flat surfaces optimized for conduction and emission. Aluminium warms up quicker but releases warmth faster too.

How many BTUs are needed per square metre?

Use our BTU Calculator here to calculate how much heat your room will need.

Should I choose electric or water filled radiators?

Electric models provide highly responsive controllable heat and easier installation.

Water-filled radiators linked to central heating systems provide whole home warmth but slower temperature control.

Hybrid radiators enabling both electric and water functionality offer maximum flexibility.

How long should quality radiators last?

All radiators supplied by Designer Radiator Showroom have a minimum of 5 year guarantee, but should last much longer.

Final Thoughts

We hope this guide helps you select the perfect radiator brand for your home and budget. Balancing value, efficiency, quality and visual styles takes research but ensures the ideal long-term solution.

Whichever brand you choose, always precisely measure your rooms, calculate required BTU outputs, and use these figures to select appropriately sized models. This guarantees every area receives sufficient warmth to stay perfectly comfortable all year round.

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