You’re probably wondering why a person might spend the time creating an article about plain old boring towel rails (this author might have wondered the same thing a long time ago)… Or you might have spotted the preview image and you know EXACTLY why we at DRS get a little irrational about inspired designer towel radiators!


Today we’re going to examine what makes a towel radiator ‘designer’, and we’re going to show off some of the slickest models our team has seen over our years in the industry. Join us now or forever be stuck with boring old ladder rails…



Speaking of ladder rails, just in case you forgot, they look like this;



You’ve seen them, you get what they do, you’re probably sick of them and honestly we are too, so let’s waste no time and step into a world of newfound bathroom possibilities.




At DRS we get to see these beauties day in, day out in our showroom and on our website, so the thought of putting another ladder rail into someone’s property nearly knocks us sick. Your home deserves more, your bathroom deserves better, and you deserve to treat yourself to something amazing like the alphabetic Aeon S-Type, or the dramatically tiered Aeon Gallant;


Left: Aeon Gallant, Right: Aeon S-Type

Aeon is a hallmark brand known for their exceptional stainless steel quality in the designer radiator industry, and these two dramatic towel radiator designs really stand out (in both depth and the visual impact to the bathroom).


Designer towel radiators are where the real inspiration of our artists can be allowed to flourish and explore design frontiers previously left unexplored. These models push the boundaries of what is possible because unlike the other rooms in the home, a bathroom doesn’t need a tremendous amount of heat.


Not to be outdone by Aeon’s work, Bisque is one brand which blurs the line between heat and art, and creates towel radiator wonders that transform your en-suite from functional space into the pride of your home.


Above: Bisque Arichbald Electric, Below: Bisque Chime


Hanging towels, shirts and ties on the award winning Bisque Archibald is an utterly satisfying experience. This radiator was so well received that it has hung proudly in art galleries across Europe. Though less extravagant, the Bisque Chime is still just as much of a feature for a master bathroom, with elegant, cylindrical fingers, and perfectly proportioned dimensions.



The modern shapes which Bisque craft are not always suitable for every bathroom however, which is where the traditional, hand polished ball joints of the Vogue Ballerina come in. This spirited shape harks back to the lavish bathrooms of the Victorian and early Windsor periods, and enriches your bathroom from a modest dwelling to a classic abode;


Left: Vogue Ballerina BJ Floor Mounted, Right: Aestus Eos



Simpler than the Aeon S-Type; the Aestus Eos rolls both sharply off your tongue and sharply around its own shape. This neat shape is characteristic of the postmodern movement of ultra-minimal, hyper-aesthetical interior design, the kind of thing you see in the movies but rarely believe you might see in your own home. Well, with the Eos, you just might.


Coiling superbly around itself in complete contradiction to the Eos is Bisque’s Hot Hoop; a softly curved shelf which provides a luxurious place for your cats and towels alike to curl up and get cosy.


Left: Bisque Svelte, Right: Bisque Hot Hoop



The final designer towel radiator we have today for you is a real eye-catcher in the showroom. You can picture the Bisque Svelte inside your bathroom so easily because of its gentle curvature, and soft appearance matched in parallel by the mild arc of the thick, outer towel ring.


The charm which our towel radiator designers are able to impart upon their works of art is precisely what gets us excited about each and every design we offer. It’s something primal, the need to be unique and convey your personality through stylistic choice, and while the bathroom might be a personal place that not many others will see, what you say to yourself is likely to be the most honest and truthful expression you can make.


With our help you can remind yourself of who you are, and take pride in it each morning and night.


If you would like some assistance in finding the right towel radiator for you, then please feel free to contact us at [email protected], or reach us on our helpline; 01257 452879