Ultimate Heat Efficiency: The Best of Modern Radiator Design

Bisque Flat Panel Radiator

Embracing Elegance with Stainless Steel Towel Rails

Elevate your home’s warmth with our premier stainless steel towel rails. Expertly crafted for both high moisture resistance and enduring style, these rails ensure a consistently luxurious heat output, keeping your towels sumptuously warm.

Consistent Heat for Luxurious Comfort

  • BTU Precision: Expertly calibrated for optimal heat distribution across your bathroom. Our stainless steel rails are designed to evenly distribute heat for a consistently comfortable warming effect.
  • Energy Conservation: Advanced designs utilize conductive metals like stainless steel for an eco-friendly heating solution. By relying on passive heat conduction, our rails minimize energy usage.
  • Adjustable Settings: With multiple heat settings, you can customize the rail’s output for your ideal warmth. Low, medium or high – the choice is yours.
  • Quick Heating: Our innovative rail construction and conductive metals mean you enjoy instant heating. No more waiting around for warmth – get cozy fast.
  • Even Heat Distribution: Our rails are engineered to distribute heat uniformly along the rail for steady warming. No cold or hot spots – just reliable all-over comfort.

Innovative Mounting and Space-Saving Options

  • Flexible Mounting: Mount your rail vertically or horizontally to perfectly suit your space. Vertically mounted rails are great space-savers in tight bathrooms.
  • Extendable Rails: Customizable extended lengths allow your rail to span the full width of your bathroom. Get abundant towel warming even in large spaces.
  • Foldable Rails: Unique foldable rails transform to take up less space when not in use. Get full-room heating when you need it, with reduced clutter when you don’t.

Innovative Space-Saving with Vertical and Column Radiators

Vertical Radiators: Sculpting Warmth in Style

Transform your living space with our space-efficient vertical radiators. Engineered for both function and form, they convert wall space into a canvas of warmth and style.

  • Maximize Wall Space: Perfect for heating small spaces, vertical radiators utilize the vertical plane for heating power. Get big BTU output from a compact, wall-hugging unit.
  • Uniform Warming: Vertical orientation encourages convection currents for consistent ambient heating throughout the room. Say goodbye to cold spots!
  • Modern Aesthetic: With muted colors and minimalist designs, our vertical rads blend perfectly into contemporary decors. Their sleek style complements any decorating scheme.

Column Radiators: Classic Design Reimagined

Discover the perfect blend of traditional design and modern efficiency with our column radiators. These timeless pieces deliver tailored heating to suit your space, combining reliable performance with aesthetic versatility.

  • Heritage Styling: Hand-crafted vintage flourishes like ornate filigree grilles evoke the elegance of a bygone era. Add timeless warmth to period homes.
  • Colour Customization: From glossy finishes to muted satin palettes, personalize your column radiator’s colour scheme. Coordinate with your interior design for a cohesive look.
  • Compact Footprint: The tall column shape maximizes heating surface area while occupying minimal floor space. Get powerful BTU output even in tight spots.

Flat Panel and Panel Vertical Radiators: The Pinnacle of Minimalist Heating

Flat Panel Radiators: Understated and Efficient

Our flat panel radiators are the epitome of minimalist design, providing seamless warmth with a sleek profile. They promise high BTU output within a design that complements any room’s aesthetic.

  • Streamlined & Seamless: With panel depths of just 2-3 inches, these units provide unobtrusive heating for a smooth, flush wall finish.
  • Maximum Output: Precision engineering ensures these slim panels generate abundant warmth and quick heating despite their discreet dimensions.
  • Adaptable Styling: Fit elegantly into traditional or contemporary spaces. Available in neutral shades like white and grey as well understated metallics.

“The ultra-thin profile of the flat panel radiators allowed them to seamlessly blend into my living room’s modern minimalist aesthetic. They provide ambient warmth without disrupting the clean, streamlined decors.” – Matt, Interior Designer

Panel Vertical Radiators: Architectural Harmony


Experience the best in modern heating with our panel vertical radiators. Designed for vertical efficiency, they offer powerful heat output while preserving precious floor space, aligning perfectly with contemporary design principles.

  • Floor Space Savings: The vertical format maximizes wall space for heating, eliminating the need for bulky floor units. Open up your valuable square footage.
  • Architectural Elegance: With crisp 90-degree angles and ultra-thin depths, these radiators create a striking monolithic focal point. Let your heating unite with your interior architecture.
  • Adaptable Orientation: Position vertically, horizontally, or even hang these units like wall art. Find the perfect heat solution for your unique space.

Unique Designer Radiator Collections

Step into a world where radiators become part of your home’s design statement. Our exclusive designer collections showcase unique, energy-efficient models that stand as testaments to radiator artistry.

  • Hand-Crafted Cast Iron: Heirloom quality cast iron units featuring artful flourishes like filigree panels and integrated shelves. Bring stately warmth to your space.
  • Nature-Inspired Organics: Flowing biomorphic shapes and raw metallic textures channel natural elegance. Radiate cosy warmth with an earthy touch.
  • Geometric Sculptures: Precision-cut angles and perforated patterns reinvent the radiator as modern art. Let your heat source make a visual statement.
  • One-of-a-Kind Antiques: Our vintage collection rescues obsolete radiators from history, restoring them for modern homes. Add nostalgic charm with a truly unique focal point.
Column Cast Iron5,000Medium£299
Flat Panel4,000Small£179
Vertical Bronze8,000Large£399


Q: Do your radiators come pre-plumbed?

A: For convenience, all our radiators come with pre-attached supply and return piping and are ready to connect to your existing heating system. We want installation to be quick and hassle-free.

Q: How do I determine the right BTU rating for my space?

A: As a general rule of thumb, you’ll need 10 BTUs per square foot for typical rooms. But our team can provide personalized recommendations based on your room size, layout and climate.

Q: What maintenance is required?

A: Our radiators are designed to operate reliably with minimal maintenance. Simple dusting and exterior cleaning is all that’s needed a few times per year. We build them to last!

Committed to Excellence: Fast Delivery, Lasting Performance

We pledge to deliver not just radiators but comfort to your doorstep with our swift next-day delivery service. Our dedication is to both the immediate enhancement of your space and its ongoing warmth.

  • Prompt Free Delivery: Get your new heating solution rushed to you with speedy delivery. Stay cosy even during colder months.
  • All Climate Performance: Our radiators are rigorously tested to perform through all seasons and environments. Count on comfort year-round.
  • Extended Warranties: Enjoy lasting peace of mind with our 5 and 10 year warranty options. We stand behind the long-term reliability of our products.
  • Ease of Maintenance: Keep your radiator in peak condition with simple upkeep. We construct each unit for hassle-free cleaning and longevity.

Our collection stands ready to redefine your concept of home heating with unparalleled efficiency, design, and service. Explore the fusion of art and utility with our heating solutions today.

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