The Vasco Bryce is one of the most highly sought after designer radiators in our range, and for reason too. The Bryce looks astonishing in both its Matt White and Metallic Black finishes, but not only that, this amazing work of heating art is now in our DRS MEGA Sale!




Aluminium is all the rage now in the designer radiator industry. It is lightweight, has a very distinct appearance, convects thermal energy much more efficiently than the alternatives, and uses significantly less water than steel or cast iron radiators. The Bryce is a prime example of all of these qualities, but it’s also rather handsome as well, making it an absolute bargain in our DRS MEGA Sale.


Its shape is completely cubic with very sharp edges and corners at perfect 90° angles, and these edges are complemented by the deep vertical scores and ridges in its face. Each cubic canyon in its face is a different width, and likewise with the ridges. The effect is a marvellous, and something which requires great effort to manufacture and make perfect, something which really shows the quality of a high end brand like Vasco.



Did we mention that we have an ex-display model going? YES WE CERTAINLY DO.

Here are the details;


Radiator – Vasco Bryce

Material – Aluminium

Finish – Matt White

Height – 1800mm

Width – 450mm

Heat Output – 5610 BTUs (rated @ delta t50)

Was – £1295.00 including VAT




That’s right; we have a designer radiator of immense calibre with nearly 70% OFF! If you collect the radiator direct from our showroom then you would only pay £429.00! For home delivery it would be £469.00 but still a fantastic bargain.



We have already sold two of the DRS Mega Sale radiators and we only have one of each, once they are gone, they are gone.