Part of what makes a Designer Radiator look simply breath-taking is the fact that no part of it looks amiss. All of our radiators make for absolutely stunning features, boasting sleek shapes, dazzling finishes and unique textures, but without the right shape of valve they might not look as wonderful as they should.

To avoid having a distracting valve, and to make sure that you can fit the radiator without a problem, here’s quick and easy to understand guide on the 3 valve shapes!



So what are the 3 shapes of valves? There are;

  • Angled valves
  • Corner valves (sometimes called ‘double-angled’ valves)
  • Straight valves (sometimes called ‘in-line’ valves)



Each valve has their best use, and both Angled and Corner valves can be used in two ways…

Your pipework will almost always fall under one of two categories; it will approach your radiator from below/from the floor, or it will come outwards from the wall.

Likewise your radiator will either have valve connections on the underside of the radiator, or on the side of the radiator, so depending on the combination of these you can use valves very well or very badly. Here’s a quick guide to help you make the most of your arrangement.



If you have pipes which will be coming up from the floor and the radiator has connections on the side, you will need to use Angled Valves for the best finish;



If on the other hand the radiator actually has connection points underneath, then Straight Valves will be better;



For pipework which comes out from the wall however, no matter where you connect on the radiator corner valves will look the neatest;





Here’s why you don’t want to ignore our advice!



If you put the wrong valves with you radiator’s connections, even though they will fit the radiator, you end up with the heads of the valves pointing away from the wall and looking out of place, and potentially costing you space where you might not have it.



This is without mentioning that the angled valves in these examples is the perfect foothold for any young, aspiring climbers you might have in the house!



We hope this helps, but if you have any questions at all please just let us know by getting in touch via email at [email protected] or reach us on our helpline on 01257 452879