Zehnder radiators are known in the industry as exceedingly high quality products, carefully crafted and lovingly finished; when you buy Zehnder there is not a single doubt that you have made the right choice.


Zehnder created the original column radiator style, and have been at the forefront of the designer radiator movement since the very beginning, which by rights makes them the godfather of the industry.


To celebrate their success, today DRS are showing off two truly exemplary Zehnder radiators, so don’t stop here, read on for more…




The Zehnder Bay is a stainless steel, flat panel designer radiator which is ever so contemporary and remarkably well made. Though its panels may be flat, the aesthetic quality you draw from looking at the Bay is one of cubism, straight edges and a neat and ordered lifestyle.


Image of the Zehnder Bay Horizontal and Vertical

Available in both a vertical and a horizontal variation, the Zehnder Bay is flexible enough to warrant using it in almost any room in your home. Looking so sharp, it becomes a defining part of your interior design, and a huge feature to be proud of.


Like all stainless steel Zehnder radiators, the Bay is guaranteed for 10 years, and with thorough craftsmanship and high quality materials it will last likely 3 or 4 times longer than that! The gorgeous brush treated stainless steel finish is superb, and a huge part of what makes the Zehnder Bay so attractively modern.



Visually and practically one of the designs that you, the public, are most interested in is the Zehnder Roda Spa Asym. With its open ended, asymmetrical design, it facilitates effortless access for towels both large and small, and even bath matts or your favourite garments. No more trying to thread your towels through the awkward games on a boring old ladder rail, we’re much more civilised than that now.


Double image of the Zehnder Roda Spa Asym in a green on the left and blue finish on the right

The flat fronted, horizontal panels contrast terrifically with the two rounded, vertical collector tubes at the rear, giving it a simple, clean and minimal appearance. It is available from stock in White, along with a lovely textured dark grey named the Volcanic finish, and both Beige and Brown Quartz, giving you 4 brilliant options to choose from right from the get go.


But if you are feeling bold on any given day, that little bit daring and yearning for something unique, Zehnder radiators are available custom made in an enormous colour range replete with an entire special colour chart as well.


These two radiators along with the entire Zehnder product range are available at price-checked prices from DRS. Click here now to see the whole selection.