Designer radiators like the Zehnder Vitalo Spa are exclusive, highly sought after and only available for a short amount of time. Sadly, the Vitalo Spa is no longer being manufactured by Zehnder, however we do have just one last model available here at DRS.




The masterminds at Zehnder hold many principles close to their heart, though none so close as their respect and care for the art of design. They favour tasteful and classy shapes, the sorts of forms able to make you stop, think and appreciate what has gone into creating them.


The Zehnder Vitalo Spa is one such model, so simple and soft on the eyes, but yet your attention is drawn to it like a moth to flame. We have a single brand new Vitalo Spa here at the Designer Radiator Showroom, in its box and HEAVILY discounted.



Our one-time-only, exclusive offer for the Vitalo Spa slashes its price from £684.00 (RRP), down to an amazing special price of £399.00 including VAT. That’s a saving of £285 and more than 40% off!


At a well-proportioned 1200mm tall and 490mm, it is large enough to hold your towels with ease but not so big that it would look out of place. The shape is softly edged yet well defined, and the Matt White powder coated finish is striking enough to give this very flat form some real depth and presence.



The common trend we are seeing more and more with our clientele today is that they are eternally bored by the traditional towel rail, but also no longer wowed by the shapes which have been getting greater exposure and use over the last 5-15 years. They want new, they want inventive, extravagant, and what our customers want; our customers get.


The Vitalo reshapes and reimagines the form of heating in the home, and with this one time offer available now you won’t want to miss out on the perfect opportunity snatch up a bargain this good!


To purchase the Vitalo or any other radiator, you can either contact us on 01257 442911, email us at [email protected], or pop in to see us at our Lancashire Designer Radiator Showroom with more than 150 models on display!