When it comes to creating a warm and comfortable home, the radiator heating system is crucial but often overlooked.

DQ Radiator offers innovative heating solutions designed to efficiently warm your living space. In this guide, we’ll explore the benefits of choosing
DQ radiators and how they can transform your home.

The Power of DQ Radiator Heating
DQ Radiator is engineered for precision heating. Their high-performance radiators distribute warmth evenly using advanced technology. This ensures your home maintains an ideal temperature for cosy comfort.

Benefits of DQ Radiator Heating
Benefit Description
Efficient Heat Distribution Advanced heating technology spreads warmth evenly, eliminating cold spots.
Energy Efficiency Maintaining an optimal temperature improves efficiency and reduces energy costs.
Durability and Reliability Robust construction provides years of dependable heating.

What Sets DQ Radiators Apart?
DQ Radiators stand out from competitors with:

Precision engineering using quality materials
Cutting-edge heating technology for rapid, even heat
Diverse range of sizes and styles
Hassle-free installation
Quality, innovation, and performance define the DQ difference.

Q: How does a DQ radiator provide efficient heating?

A: Precision engineering and advanced heating technology allow DQ radiators to distribute heat rapidly and evenly across spaces. This eliminates cold spots.

Q: Are DQ radiators energy efficient?

A: Yes, by maintaining an optimal temperature, DQ radiators improve your home’s efficiency which reduces energy costs.

Q: Why are DQ radiators a good investment?

A: With robust construction and reliable performance, DQ radiators provide many years of dependable warmth. Their quality saves money in the long r
DQ Radiator offers the key to a warmer, cosier home.
Their innovative heating solutions distribute efficient warmth for optimal comfort.
Choose DQ Radiator and unlock the power of precision heating.

As a family owned business, DQ Heating can react quickly to the changing needs of our customers and we have the freedom to create partnerships with our specialist radiator manufacturers around the globe.

DQ carefully select each one for their commitment to cost control and, above all, quality. So, rest assured, each one manufactures radiators and towel rails (and accessories) in line with the very latest technology and environmental awareness.
From start to finish, every element of design, engineering, manufacturing and retailing is carefully managed to ensure a seamless service from DQ. With over 20 years’ experience in the designer radiator market, every product they offer is backed with a vast knowledge of the industry and how best to serve their customers.

The DQ range contains designs to suit all types of interiors. With traditional towel rail and column radiator designs that can be given a contemporary twist with a stunning RAL colour, to modern multi-tube radiators available in gorgeous finishes and stock colours Anthracite and White for the customer seeking clean lines and seamless design. DQ cater to all home styles and are committed to delivering a wide range of products for any room in the home.

A huge selling point for DQ is their expansive range of sizes across the majority of their designer models. With most models available in single and double and horizontal and vertical versions, the range of choice is already impressive. However, most models have upwards of 10 sizes to choose from, with some having an impressive 30+ options. This wealth of choice means no sacrificing when it comes to the decision process, we are certain you will find the perfect size to suit your needs.

The choice does not stop at simply size and orientation.

DQ boasts a gorgeous exclusive range of feature finishes and the majority of their products cant be specially ordered in any RAL colour you desire, making your new DQ radiator truly your own.
DQ have invested in their own bespoke powder coating plant for their designer radiator and towel rail collections. Unlike a conventional liquid paint which is delivered via an evaporating solvent, powder coating is applied electrostatically, then cured by a heat treatment in large ovens. Because of this thermal bonding process, the paint is more resistant to chipping, scratching and general wear, meaning more longevity for your radiator. Controlling their own painting process allows DQ to closely quality control their products, allowing for a seamless sale process. Their painting facility is on the same site as their storage warehouse and despatch department, significantly reducing the risk of damage. All factors of the radiator construction and designed process are considered carefully by DQ, and this attention to detail is what makes the company and their products truly special.


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