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At the Designer Radiator Showroom we have on offer the finest radiators from around the world at remarkable prices. The credit for each of our amazing designer radiators really must go to the splendid brands who manufacture them. Without their design inspiration and the guile needed to take the risks they do to bring these models to our homes, we wouldn’t be able to call ourselves the best showroom and retailer in the country.

Our brands all have long histories which all begin with the pioneering spirit and belief required to get them off the ground. Each brand’s identity is evident in the radiators they offer and the service they provide, which means that you can trust each of them with making your home’s interior come to life.

Whether you choose the radiators made with Zehnder’s wisdom as the very first to invent the designer radiator, or go for the ultramodern shapes which Aeon produce for the contemporary home, rest assured that through experience we only deal with the best brands on the market.

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