A designer radiator can often verge on being a work of art, and with that in mind we have created a perfect selection of accessories to pair together with your new radiator. We have a host of cosmetic and functional additions which make the difference when it comes to finishing your radiator the way it should be.
At a glance our Sleeving Kits hide the unappealing copper pipes which would otherwise be exposed as well as covering the holes where they come from; our luxury Wall Stays hold floor mounted traditional radiators to the wall so they can’t tip over while also complementing the valves fitted to the radiators; and our Electric Elements allow you to choose the level of control you want over your electric radiators.
Microbore Reducers allow you to install any radiator onto smaller than normal pipework at 8mm or 10mm; Our Radiator Tail Extensions allow you more flexibility with your pipe centres by widening the connection point of the radiator; We have a lovely selection of towel rail accessories for universal use; Check out our Brand Accessories to find the valves and attachments which are specific to the radiators that our manufacturers provide.
We have aimed to make sure that our accessories category will have anything you might need, so please feel free to browse through and let us know if you have any questions.

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