Brand Accessories

Each our brands are exceptionally talented creators of designer radiators. They might choose to use different materials, have a different design ethos, or aim to achieve different things, but they all take remarkable care in creating their catalogues, ensuring a congruent theme of design throughout.
Part of their creation process is designing both accessories like towel rails or valves which are specific to individual designs, accentuating their already unique appearance, and creating their own range of sleek and stylish valves and Brand Accessories which can fit any radiator. These items are tastefully done, and offer entirely unique looks which can’t be found anywhere else.
If you seek a completely different grade of radiator decoration, then our Brand Accessories are for you. Here at the Designer Radiator Showroom you will find a healthy selection of the world’s greatest valve and accessory achievements, direct from the manufacturers of our most impeccable designer radiators.

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