Electric Elements

Our Electric Elements category is comprised of simple yet elegant solutions to the issue of needing heat in places or at times when it isn’t normally available. We have both manual and thermostatic elements so that you can regulate your level of warmth as carefully as you would like.

Electric Elements are the rods inserted into radiators made for electric use in order to heat them. By using resistance they generate heat and warm the water inside the radiator and allow you to have a radiator which can be turned on and off at your leisure without having to worry about the central heating system.

A general rule to determine the size of element appropriate for a given radiator is to find out the heat output for it in Watts, and then divide that by 1.81. Take the resulting answer and round up to the nearest element size in the element range that you would like to purchase. You have to be careful about element length, specifically in radiators which are very long or wide, so if you are unsure please feel free to ask us to help you with this.

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