Sleeving Kits

Our Sleeving Kits, sometimes called shrouds, are rigid tubes made from high quality brass which slide over your existing pipework to completely hide them. They also come with two circular rosettes which press against your floor or wall to conceal the hole where the pipework comes out.
The most magnificent thing about all of our designer radiators is the amount of care and attention that has been taken in ensuring that every detail is perfect. To complete the radiator’s look, pairing it with a lush set of valves is the first step, but a lot of customers forget or just don’t know about Sleeving Kits and how amazing they look compared to bare copper.
Each set is finished in all of the same finishes that our valves come in, so you can match the sleek chromes together, the rich dark black nickels or the contemporary satin nickels to create a wonderfully neat match. Not using a Sleeving Kit with a designer radiator is as much of a crime against style as purchasing a new car but fitting 4 old spare tyres to it – the designer effect is ruined. You only get once chance to get it right, and with the Designer Radiator Showroom getting it right is easier than ever.

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